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Let’s start with your first child:

Knowing this information helps us to customize recommendations for your child


Which Apple devices does use? Select all that apply:

Does use any of the following?
Select all that apply:


Which of the following does use?

Video Streaming Services

Social Media

Web Browsers


What are you most concerned about?

Please scroll through and click all that apply.

I’m concerned that has difficulty disengaging from:

I’m concerned about what could be exposed to on:

I'm concerned about who is connected to on Social Media.

I'm concerned about what sdsdf could be posting online.

I'm concerned about Direct Messaging.

I’m concerned about the games is playing because of:

Are there any specific games and/or social media apps you are worried about?

I’m concerned devices distract while homework because of:

I’m concerned about what Could be posting online:

I’m concerned that is not getting enough:


How often is screen time creating conflict with

Some degree of conflict is to be expected. What is your optimal level?


Your responses for were recorded and saved in
Friendship History under your account.

What would you like to do next?

Your responses for were recorded and saved in
Friendship History under your account.

Would you like to create for another child?

Where should we send 's Screen Time Assessment?

An email with your customized 's Screen Time Assessment will be sent to you shortly


Which best describes how you’d like to set up Screen Time?

I want to:

We can give you better guidance if you answer a few additional questions:

How much allowance time do you want to give for:

Do you want your children’s devices to shut off automatically at night?

What time would you like the devices to go to bed?

Note: Screen time can delay sleep, so the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends turning off screens one hour before bedtime.

How do you want to handle access to the App Store?

How do you want to handle access to the App Store?

Click all that apply

Feel free to add any further information about your family that could help us to create your customized action plan.


Please confirm how you want to handle the following.

Block Allowance Flexible No Limit
Photos / Camera
Messages / Face Time
Social Media
(Games / Videos)
Productivity Apps
(Calendar / Notes)

Hooray and a HI-FAF to you!

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