Holiday Checklist

Make Holiday Social Plans (4 hours)

  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Dinner
  • New Years Eve
  • New Years Day
  • Family plan for grandparent’s visit
  • Restaurant reservations 

Send out Holiday Cards (6 hours)

  • Review Holiday card list and update address
  • Design card and place order
  • Get stamps (international too)
  • Stuff and stamp 

Decorating (10 hours) 

  • Tree
  • House
  • Outdoor lights 

Gifts (20 hours)

  • Have kids make their wishlist
  • Plan out who’s giving and getting what with gift matrix
  • Hostess Gifts
  • Teacher gifts 
  • Gifts for babysitters and cleaning team
  • Check wrapping paper/ribbon inventory (buy more)
  • Buy gifts
  • Mail packages to out-of-town family
  • Unboxing and disposing of shipping materials 
  • Wrap gifts
  • Remember stocking stuffers
  • Put toys together

Plan Holiday Menus, Shop for Groceries, Prepare Meals and Baking (12 hours) 

  • Baking Cookies
  • Christmas Eve dinner
  • Christmas brunch 
  • Christmas dinner
  • New Years Eve dinner
  • New Years lunch

Holiday Outfits (3 hours) 

  • Kids (shopping required)
  • Me 

Charitable Giving (2 hours) 

  • Clear out space for new gifts 
  • Take donations to Salvation Army
  • Write checks to charities we are supporting and involve kids

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