It’s happened to all of us–parents and children. The cliffhanger’s really good, and before we can reach the remote, the next episode already has already started playing. Our little people are still learning self-control, so it’s especially hard for them to turn it off. This forces us parents to have to play the heavy. We now know that this Automatic Playing feature is one of the levers that the major tech companies and content providers have used to keep us hooked, and it was designed with this intentionality. To turn off this Automatic Playing on our favorite content providers follow these steps:

  1. On their website, find the Automatic Player feature in the top right corner when a video is playing.
  2. Slide it to the off position.
  3. Repeat these steps on every iOS device and computer where you watch YouTube.

I’m sure you’d also like to turn this feature off on YouTube Kids, but unfortunately this option is nowhere to be found. Google, you might want to get on fixing this right quick! And parents, please know that YouTube Kid’s content is questionable. Further, in its terms of service, YouTube is very clear that the service is intended for kids 13 years and older. Apple takes it one step further by flagging the YouTube app as 17+.

  1. Go to their website, and under Your Account and Lists, navigate down to Your Video Library.
  2. Select Settings (next to your video library).
  3. Navigate down to Player Preferences.
  4. Select the Off button.

Note: Changing this setting on your computer, will also overlay to your TV. However, you will have to turn this off for each of your iOS devices in Prime Video in Settings.

  1. Go to your Profile.
  2. Tap the menu button.
  3. Scroll down to account and select.
  4. Scroll down to the very end to My Profile and select Playback Settings.
  5. Uncheck Auto-play.
  6. Do these for all your adult profiles in your household.

Note: Auto-play is not the default setting for Children’s profiles, but while the next episode will not automatically be threading, your kids will see an advertisement for what’s up next.

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