To Turn on Do Not Disturb:

  • Swipe up from the bottom of your phone to access the Control Center.
  • Select the crescent moon, and you will see this moon displayed on your home screen – top right corner
  • To mute a specific conversation, tap the group message string > tap the “i” on the top right > Scroll down and turn on Do Not Disturb.
To access additional Do Not Disturb features:
  • Settings > Do Not Disturb
Make sure to turn it off – Do Not Disturb is one of the top reasons people rush to the Genius Bar because they think their phone’s stopped working when they can’t hear it ring.  Swipe up from Control Center > Deselect crescent moon.

To Turn off Airdrop on Your Children’s devices: 
-Swipe up from the bottom of the home screen to access the Control Center
-Select “Receiving Off”

To Protect Eyes from Harmful Bluelight:
-Go to Settings, then scroll down, then select Display & Brightness
-Select “Night Shift”, then “Scheduled” (becomes green) to select preferred hours

To Remove Apple News:
-Delete from device by holding down app (must have iOS 10 or later)

To Keep Apple News on Your Phone but Prevent Kids from Seeing Top Stories Feed (they can see even when phone is locked)
-Go to Settings, select Touch ID & Passcode, scroll down to “Allow Access When Locked” (just below Voice Dial)
-Slide “Today View” left to the off position


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