Guided Access allows you to lock any device to just one app and shut the device off after a set period of time. So, you can feel assured that your children are really just reading on the Kindle App or practicing their math facts. Here’s how to set it up:

  1. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility.
  2. Find Guided Access (at bottom of the screen), Toggle button on (green).
  3. Tap Passcode Settings to enter a passcode (one your kids won’t know). If your child has Touch ID enabled on her device with her fingerprint, make sure you turn off Touch ID. You don’t want your child to be able to override Guided Access.
  4. If you want your child to receive a verbal warning that her time is almost up, tap Time Limits > toggle Speak on.
  5. Easy access to Guided Access is key, so turn on the Accessibility Shortcut. Now when you triple-click the Home Button, it’s enabled.
  6. Pick an app to lock with Guided Access. Once it’s launched, triple-click the Home Button.
  7. Triple-click the Home Button again and enter your password to set the time limit. Tap Options.
  8. Slide Time Limit to select. I recommend keeping the other settings in their default positions.
  9. Hit Resume to start. If you want to end earlier than the selected time, press End.

Generally, I think Guided Access works best for younger children, but if your kids use apps for homework assignments, you might find it useful.

And Apple, ultimately, parents need the ability to set up multiple user profiles for our children, so we can separate out educational apps from entertainment.


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