1. Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Sharing.
  2. Select which apps you want to block from sharing your device’s Location. For my kids, I turn off Location Sharing for every app except Find iPhone and Weather.
  3. Turn off location sharing for Camera to prevent geotagging. Geotagging stores the location where every picture was taken in the picture file’s metadata. When your child shares that picture, the metadata goes with it– and the location could be your house.
  4. Go to Systems Services (at the bottom) and tap.
  5. Tap Significant locations. Now you not only see every place that device has been, but also the date and the duration. Admittedly this is pretty creepy. The stated purpose of this feature is to provide contextual information for apps like maps and calendar, but essentially Apple is storing your child’s most frequented locations.

Whether you turn this setting on or off really depends on where you fall on the privacy spectrum. Some parents may actually want to know their kid’s historical locations, and some kids may be really bummed to learn their parents can find out.

Apple, you really should make parents more aware that you are tracking this type of data on their kids (and really, everyone).


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