Apple News: It’s been right in front of us since 2015. Do you know how to make it work for you? News conveniently aggregates stories from a variety of sources: From CNN to The Wall Street Journal, The HuffPost to WhoWhatWear. You can follow specific topics, select your favorite publications (known as Channels), and even save stories.

There were some tweaks in iOS 11, so we decided it was time to understand how it’s actually set up:

  1. After tapping on the Apple News icon, follow prompts to set up the app.
  2. You can make changes to your news feed by finding the Following icon in the navigation bar at the bottom. From there you can browse Topics and Channels (e.g. specific publications) and choose which ones to follow.
  3. You can manage notifications by Channel. Beside the name of your channel, tap the bell icon to be able to see the most recent stories from that publication within your news feed.
  4. Select Search to find any other Channels, Topics, or stories of interest.
  5. You can see the stories selected by Apple’s Editors in Spotlight.
  6. Review your customized news feed in For You, and Like or Dislike to train News.
  7. Select the Share button to share stories, or to save them for offline reading.
  8. You can limit which publications you receive stories from. To do so, open your iPhone Settings then go to News > Restrict Stories in For You.Find "restrict stories in For You" in iPhone Settings

You’ll never miss the news you care about, and to read more directly from Apple’s mouth, click here.


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