Tech Tip #41:Jump into the 21st Century —
Use Google Drive tp Power the Ever- Popular Recipe Exchange Copy 

So one surprise in the last month is the number of times I’ve been invited to join a recipe exchange. I think the count is up to eight now, and I’m always flattered when a Friend thinks of me (and maybe my cooking?). Somehow though, someone always seems to break the email chain, so as my friend, Jeanne Wang, pointed out, isn’t it time that we all just uploaded recipes to Google Drive?

I’ve taken a crack, seeding it with some family favorites. I usually follow the 5-ingredient max rule, as I am all about simplicity, and pleasing some wide-ranging and health-conscious palates. I’d be delighted to have Friends add to it–I imagine we could all use a boost in the kitchen. Download the Google Drive and Docs apps on your phone and access recipes while at the grocery store, or in your kitchen!

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