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We’ll help you keep up with technology by keeping you informed — how it’ll affect you, your family and your future.

C-Level Collection

With our curated library of resources, you’ll have access to the best practices to make running the family business easier.

Tech Tips

We give you an efficiency boost to help you feel more confident and competent with technology.

The Friend Forum

We’re socializing technology to make our everyday better. Friends helping Friends can make all the difference.

Our Guides

From setting up parental controls on iOS devices to managing privacy settings; our expert guides make technology work for you.

Hear Our Voice!

We advocate for women everywhere. From Apple to Amazon, we’re aiming to bridge the gap between women and Silicon Valley.

‘You’ve got a friend’ Texting Service

We know you’re busy and personalized attention is always a plus. We’re here to help you answer your most pressing tech questions.

CEO Toolkit

These are the apps we keep coming back to because they help to get the job done and make running the ‘Family’ Business easier.

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