Our Complete Guide to Bark 

What is Bark?

Bark proactively monitors text, emails, and 24 different social networks for potential safety concerns, so busy parents can save time and gain peace of mind.

Simple keyword analysis is not sufficient to detect the majority of issues. Bark uses advanced machine learning and statistical analysis techniques to recognize potential problems.

What are the key features of Bark?

Real- time monitoring of more than 25 social media apps
Saves you from manually monitoring your child’s activities and respects your child’s privacy
Provides thoughtful guidance for approaching children about potential issue
Sends automatic alerts when a potential threat is detected so you don’t have to sift through all the interactions  

Platforms Bark supports:

They support the following social media, email, and messaging platforms:

  • Snapchat
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Gmail
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • iOS Text Messaging / Photos / Videos / Browsing History
  • Android Text Messaging / Photos / Videos

Why teens love it?

Children are generally very receptive to Bark because they are able to help protect them online WITHOUT a parent having to invade their privacy. They encourage families to have open discussions about online safety and how using Bark helps, and to engender trust with their children by giving them appropriate privacy online. Children appreciate that Bark does not give their parents the ability to read everything they’re doing.

How can Bark help you?

1) Knowing who your teen socializes with the most

2)  Which apps your teen uses most often

3) Knowing if your teen is engaged in risky behavior online

4) Understanding when and how your teen is using their mobile device

How do I set up Bark?

  1. Sign up for an account here
  2. Add a Child
  3. Hit Next unless you want to add another child
  4. Pick a plan, we recommend monthly to try it out first
  5. Pick a plan, we recommend monthly to try it out first
  6. Pick what you want Bark to monitor
  7. Follow the on screen instructions

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