The Benefits of Friendship

The Benefits of Our Inner Circle

We’ve been down this road with dozens of parents before and can make your digital journey easier. 

A Guided Experience

Our Screen Time and Social Media Roadmaps will help you to get up-to-speed on the major issues and prepare you for the many conversations ahead with your child. 

Best Practices

Tap into the collective wisdom. We’re constantly mining best practices for managing screen time and social media from leading experts, technology forums, and of course, Our Friends!

Ongoing Support

We’re always answering questions from Our Friends. Through Our Q&A Line, we can direct you to the best resources on our site, and if yours is a new question, we’ll do the research. 

The Benefits of Our iConcierge Service:

We know some families appreciate some extra support…

A Customized Action Plan

We’ll help you work through your digital policy to get your family headed in the right direction. Based on your family’s needs, we’ll customize a plan to help you minimize screen time conflict and find the right technology solutions.

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Our Proprietary Setup Tools

We know the right questions to ask to guide you through the labryinthe maze that is setting up parental controls. We help you put the technology in place to backup your parenting with our setup tools and guides. 

1-1 Consultation

Our iConcierge Service includes a 60-minute phone call, but we are also available on a hourly basis for continued consultation. 

Inner Circle

– Screen Time & Social Media Roadmaps

– Our ‘Parenting Technology’ Toolkit

– Our Q & A Line

$59/year with a 7- Day Free Trial

Inner Circle  +
iConcierge Service

– Customized Action Plan

-Proprietary Setup Tools

– 1-to-1 Consultation

$179/year with full benefits

 Our Friendship Promise:

We’re always aiming to give Our Friends the red carpet treatment.
If however, you wish to cancel, we will refund you on a prorated basis.

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