Our Vision

Our vision is to make running the ‘Family Business’ everyone’s job.

Women need more leverage. Technology can help. Friends can too.


Are you overwhelmed by parenting and prepping meals, while managing screen-time, the family calendar, and complex carpool logistics? All of this added, of course, to the daily demands of your busy career, volunteer responsibilities, or active young children.

We are too. That’s why we founded Heard It From A Friend. Being the CEO of your household is a BIG job, one that we carry with us whether we’re headed to the board room or the grocery store. Family life is busier than ever and leveraging technology can help to make our everyday more manageable.

By building a resource platform to share the best ideas contributed from Friends, we aim to make running the ‘Family Business’ easier. It’s not enough to know we have a problem, it’s time we work together to solve it!


The ‘Family’ Business and Its ‘C-Level’ Roles

Heard It From A Friend: "Running the Family Business" Infographic

Now we’ve also stepped into the role of Chief Technology Officer with our kids coming online in diapers. ‘Parenting technology’ adds layers of complication to the parenting role, and keeping up with technology is no longer a choice.  

But as parents and women, we are largely removed from the technology conversation. When you consider that 90% of software developers and 94% of investors are men, our interests are grossly underrepresented in Silicon Valley. We believe it’s time for women to have a seat at the technology table and a voice in our future.

With better technology, we can make running the ‘Family’ Business everyone’s job. And this could be a major step toward unlocking tremendous talent in the workplace and the world…

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