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When we kissed the corporate world goodbye years ago, we panicked about losing access to the IT Help desk. We dreamed of having someone we could reach out to, someone who would understand what it’s like to be the Chief Technology Officer of your household.

Through our iConcierge Services, we are that lifeline when it comes to ‘Parenting Technology’. We are always just a text away, and if you need more personalized support, you can book time with us.

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Always Just A Text Away!

Our goal is to help you turn information into action. While our site is full of resources and we’ve literally put everything you need to ‘parent technology’ all in one place, we know how busy you are. Today’s parents are constantly in-motion and always fighting for a little extra free time.

Through our iConcierge texting service, we make access easy. Whenever you have a question, you get an answer quickly without having to sift through loads of search results. We serve up responses that have been carefully curated, drawing from the latest research and best practices gleaned from technology forums and fellow parents.

Not only do we vet all of our sources, but we also re-interpret instructions for even our least tech-savvy Friends. Our biggest compliment to date is when Our Friends say, “I feel like you’re talking to me.” 

We aim to ease the burden of parenting in the Digital Age by offering an expert and unbiased opinion, free of judgment, but full of actionable information. With our texting service, you always have back-up.

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