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While we’ve put literally everything you need to ‘Parent Technology’ all in one place in Our Collection, we know how busy today’s parents can be.  We’re constantly in-motion and always fighting for a little extra free time.

Through Our Texting Line, we make access to our resources and expertise easy. Whenever you ask a question, we serve up responses that bring Our Collection to life. Through our Our Texting Line, we’re your backup when it comes to ‘Parenting Technology’, and we help turn information into action.

We’re Always Just A Text Away!

Knowing that your questions are the same ones that hundreds of other parents are asking, we’ve carefully crafted responses drawing from the latest research, technology blogs, and parenting experts. We make it easy for you to tap into the brain trust of experienced parents by mining best practices from technology forums and our ongoing conversations.

Not only do we vet all of our sources, but we also re-interpret instructions for even our least tech-savvy Friends. Our biggest compliment to date is when Our Friends say, “I feel like you’re talking to me!”

By offering an expert and unbiased opinion, we aim to ease the burden of parenting in the Digital Age, free of judgment, but full of actionable information. With Our Texting Line, you’ve got a Friend always!

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