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Through Our Texting Line, we make access to our resources and expertise easy. So many questions arise when Parenting Technology and because so many of Our Friends have the same ones, we’re sharing best practices that draw from the latest research, technology blogs, parenting experts, and of course, our own experience.


  1. Once you received an invitation to Our Texting Line, add our contact card for a more personalized experience.
  2. When a question arises, just send us a quick text. Sample questions include: “What are some strategies to reduce the time my child spends playing video games?” to “What’s the right amount of screen time?”
  3. If it’s a question we’ve answered before, you should receive a fairly immediate response.
  4. If it’s new to us, we’ll add it to our iConcierge services queue for review.
  5. Questions with broad application that we can answer within 15-20ish minutes, we’ll aim turnaround within 24-48 hours.

We’re all about making technology easier and specialize in reinterpreting otherwise bewildering and nonsensical instructions. The biggest compliment we’ve received to date is when Our Friends say,
“I Feel Like You’re Talking to Me!”

We’ve answered hundreds of questions, but technology is continuously changing, so there’s always room for more. We’re happy to take the challenge because chances are if you’re asking, so are our other Friends. So let’s begin with:

“Ask Us Anything!”

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