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We Offer a Guided Experience.

Our Services are designed to offer parents a guided experience on the digital parenting journey. We’ve modularized topics and created Our Roadmaps to give you a clear starting and ending point.    

In Our Collection, we’ve put everything you need to ‘Parent Technology’ all in one place. Not only do we address all the Whys and Whats, but we also show you the Hows, from how to set up Apple’s Screen Time, to how Snapchat works. Our proprietary tools help you work with your children to strike the right balance, and you can feel confident you’ve checked all the ‘Parenting Technology’ boxes.

If questions arise along the way, tap into the brain trust via Our Q&A Line for our thoughts on handling some of the most challenging scenarios. If more personalized attention is needed, Our iConcierge Services ensure you get hands-on support.

Our Roadmaps

Our Roadmaps for screen time and social media give you a clear starting and ending point. They are designed to help you turn information into action.

Our Collection

In Our Collection, we’ve selected the best articles published about technology and kids, so you’re always in the know.  We read all the recent headlines and latest studies, so you don’t have to, and we serve up our take on the major issues in short form. 

iConcierge Services

Our iConcierge Services provide personalized consulting to set you up with the best tools to meet your family needs. By the end, you’ll be up and running.   

Our Q &A Line

Our Q&A Line

Our Q&A Line ensures that you never have to go it alone. Tap into the brain trust to get our thoughts on how to handle some of the most challenging ‘Parenting Technology’ scenarios. At your service, any time.

We’ve spent hundreds of hours reviewing the latest research from Common Sense Media, Pew Research, and the academic journals. We’ve consulted with parents and experts alike to identify best practices. We’ve surveyed the landscape of parental controls to zero in on the best solutions, and in 2018, we successfully lobbied Apple to give parents better tools for managing screen time.

We’ve done this work on behalf of parents everywhere and have built this resource platform to help you turn information into action.

With Heard It From A Friend, you never have to go it alone!

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