Keeping up with technology can feel totally overwhelming, and it’s moving at lightning speed. Heard It From A Friend is a news and education service to help you keep up. We offer:

1) Friend Letters. Supercharge your small talk and dinner conversations, while staying informed as to how technology will affect you and your kids.  Become a regular reader to Be In the Know!

2) Tech Tips – Knowing what tools are available and how to best use them in any of our life scenarios is the goal. We serve up 30-second “micro-learning” video experiences to give you an efficiency boost. Showing is always better than telling!

3) Resource Guides – Our expert guides range from how to set up parental controls on iOS devices to managing social media privacy settings. Our goal is to make technology work for us  in our everyday scenarios when we are ‘parenting technology’ and running the ‘Family’ Business..

4) Let’s Talk Tech! Consulting – We know you’re busy and personalized attention is always a plus. All our consultations include our customizable family media contracts, a parental controls checklist, and a comprehensive profile for each of your children based on age and media preferences. We come to you!

5) Our C-Level Collection – With our curated library of resources, you’ll have access to the best information to support the many C-level roles that we all play. From parenting tots to teens and managing devices in this Digital Age, we’ve got you covered. You can access our gold-star picks for articles and apps as well our best practices for running the ‘Family’ Business.

6) The Friend Forum – We want to engage women everywhere in the technology conversation and provide support to each other in running the “Family Business.” Ask a questions, share your thoughts, share an article here. Friends helping Friends can make all the difference!

7) Advocate for The Technology We Need – We advocate for women everywhere. From Apple to Amazon, we’re aiming to bridge the gap between women and Silicon Valley. It’s time we have a voice in the technology conversation so that we can get the technology we need.

Making Our Everyday Better with Technology!

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