#1 How to set up parental controls on Netflix

We recommend the following four steps:

  • Set up a separate user profile for your kids (or individual profiles for each child)
  • Set up a required parental pin code when anyone wants to watch more mature content (safeguards your kids sneaking into parent account profiles). Note: this must be done from
  • Choose what level of maturity to allow before a pin code is requested. You can keep Netflix locked by not selecting a maturity level.  Any time someone wants to watch, they will have to enter the pin code make it easier for your child to disconnect!

Note: this must be done from and you must do it for every user profile

#2 How to set parental controls for Prime Video (Amazon)

We recommend navigating to the Prime Video webpage from either you mobile device or your computer because it’s easier to implement the following steps (the app is more limited):

  • Set a parental pin code and decide when the pin code will be required
    • Go to: Prime Video Settings – Parental Controls and log into your account
    • Select the  Parental Controls tab
    • Enter a PIN number and select Save
    • Scroll dow to select Viewing Restrictions
    • Select which ratings levels will require a pin (e.g. tapping 7 will lock everything up to age 13)
    • Next choose which devices you want to ask for your pin code

Note: We highly recommend turning Auto Play Off as this is one of the features that keeps kids hooked. In theory, turning it off here at the account level should carry through to each of your devices (TVs included).  Sometimes it can take several minutes to update, but you should also check the devices that your kids actively you use.  From within the Prime Video app, go to Settings (lower right of screen), tap Auto Play and make sure it’s toggled off.

#3 How to set parental controls on YouTube

Parents should know that YouTube’s Restricted mode is easy for any child to deactivate. Because of this, we recommend that parents discourage their child from using the YouTube app, and be sure to use Safari Restrictions. Safari Restrictions will still provide some protection in YouTube’s browser version even if Restricted mode is turned off, but do not work in the YouTube app.

For the computer:

1. Turn on Restricted mode

  • Go to the account icon 
  • Click Restricted mode
  • Toggle on Activate Restricted mode


Tap on photo to zoom 

2. Turn off Autoplay

  • Play any video and , and look for the Up Next section (right column of screen)
  • Toggle off Autoplay

For the iphone/ipad (the browser version):

1. Turn on Restricted mode

  • Go to and click on the to the top right 
  • Click on Settings within the pop up that appears
  • Tap on Restricted mode  to activate it


Tap on photo to zoom 

2. Turn off Autoplay

  • At the bottom of your screen, look for the Up Next Section
  • Locate the Autoplay switch on the right, and toggle it off

For the iphone/ipad (the app):

1. Turn on Restricted mode

  • In the top right, tap your account icon 
  • Tap Settings 
  • Toggle on Restricted mode 


Tap on photo to zoom 

2. Turn off Autoplay

  • Look for the Up Next Section
  • Locate the Autoplay switch on the right, and toggle it off

If parents want to monitor their kids on YouTube, they can:

  • Use Screen Time (iOS 12) to see how much time their kids are spending on it
  • Review Watch History found in YouTube’s Settings

See Our Complete Guide to YouTube for more information.  

If parents have concerns about YouTube, there is also YouTube Kids which already filters out content. For a more dependable content filtering solution there is Mobicip. It is the only content filter that works for both and the YouTube app, and it also blocks private browsing (~$40/year).

#4 How to set parental controls on Comcast

Because Comcast is the dominant player in the market, we’re including parental control instructions here. Of course, monitoring what your child watches is always recommended, the options below can make your life a little easier.  

Any Comcast cable subscriber can restrict access to Xfinity On Demand and Pay Per View programs by setting up a Purchase PIN. This PIN will be required before any program can be purchased.

Note: The below instructions may vary depending on your on-screen guide, but the basic parental control functions should remain the same. View your On-Screen Guide for more details.

How to set up a Purchase PIN?

  • Press the Menu button twice on your Comcast remote control
  • Select Parental Control from the Main Menu
  • If this is the first time you are accessing Parental Controls, you will be asked to create a Locks PIN. If you already have a Locks PIN, you will be asked to enter it
  • Highlight and select PINs Setup from the Parental Control menu
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to enter a new Purchase PIN
  • If you forget your Purchase PIN, call 1-800-xfinity (1-800-934-6489) to have it reset

If you an X1 box, you can create a parental pincode that is required every time someone wants to watch TV.  There are also a number of other parental controls for you to choose from once you’ve accessed the main menu.


How to set PINs in Parental Controls?

  • Press the xfinity button on your remote control
  • Using the right arrow button, scroll over to highlight Settings. Press the OK button
  • Use the down arrow button to highlight Parental Controls. Press OK
  • Use the down arrow button to highlight Parental Control PIN. Press OK to select On

  • Enter a four-digit Locks PIN of your choosing
  • Re-enter the Locks PIN to confirm
  • Press the Exit key to return to regular TV viewing

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