Why Screen Time Isn’t Bad for Kids

A leader in the study of child development and technology, Jordan Shapiro, PhD, thinks we should be investing more time in teaching our kids how to interact with media and technology. His perspective: it’s better to have these conversations before our kids hit their teens when they’re the least likely to listen to us. And he also asserts that as a society we should release ourselves from judgments and assumptions that screen time is bad. On these points we agree.

However, after years of working with parents on practical solutions, we know that every child and family is different. Strict time limits may work best for some families, while more liberal policies are just fine for others. Assuming kids are getting enough of the behaviors known to promote health and well-being, then there are only four questions that really matter:

1) Are you meeting your responsibilities?

2) How is screen time affecting the peace in your household?

3) How is your screen use affecting the other people you interact with?

4) How are you spending your free time?

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