The Screen Time Debate is Pitting Parents Against Each Other | The Verge

Few subjects are as rife with judgment these days as how much screen time you allow your kids. Parents don’t even realize their value-laden pronouncements when they say things like, “We’re pretty good about screen time.” Campaigns such as “Wait Until 8th” to give your kids a smartphone have swept the nation with some some parents readily signing up, while others feel scrutinized for not taking the pledge. Undeniably, there is a community effect when it comes to screen time.

The dynamics of social events can get awkward, as do situations where kids expose other kids to inappropriate content. In our Family Agreement, we encourage parents and children alike to consider the impact of device use outside the home. Wouldn’t it be great if we could all at least agree on some basic etiquette, shutting devices off at bedtime and making sure we’ve blocked explicit content from mobile devices?

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