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We don’t love technology for technology’s sake. Rather, our philosophy is less is more. Here we’re helping Our Friends to cut through the noise by curating our tried and true apps. These are the ones we keep coming back to because they help to get the job done while making running the ‘Family Business’ easier.

From booking restaurant reservations with OpenTable to managing screen-time with OurPact, our favorites will help you to Boost Your Star Status!

Note: We only recommend apps we’ve tried and tested– think of us as America’s Tech Kitchen!


Chief Executive Officer



Customize your workout and set your own time limits: from cardio to yoga, stretching to core.

Running For Weight Loss

Make fitness work for you any time, anywhere.

7 Minute Workouts

Short on time? A few minutes is always better than nothing!


Bring a personalized trainer to your individual cardio workout for a motivation boost.


If you like variety and classes, without the commitment and the price…

Listening & Reading


A family-friendly music streaming option: Create your own playlists to share.


Dying to know what song is playing? Name that tune and save it to your favorite playlist.


For long roadtrips, long commutes or when you just want edutainment for your kids.


Knew you could download ebooks from the library, but didn’t know how? Libby makes it easy!

Kindle App

Turn your iPad or iPhone into a Kindle to have any book you want to read at your fingertips!



Create the BEST family photo albums in minutes!

Google Photo Scan

Digitize cherished family photos.


Turn your fav photos into greeting cards from your iPhone in seconds!


iPhone Health App

It’s a must in an emergency, and you can use it to keep track of calories, sleep habits, etc.


Chief Operating Officer


Google Maps

The best transportation app, whether you’re walking, driving or taking public transport.


Avoid all the back n forth— book one of your sitters in just a few clicks!


Often a few minutes faster…for when you want to take the scenic route or avoid traffic at all costs.

Pay By Phone

Whether you’re out of quarters or it’s raining, Pay By Phone gives you ease and peace of mind.


A ride service for kids created by Moms.


Everybody needs a hero when it comes to parking. Pre-pay to reserve your spot, park ‘n go!


For when you want to ditch the car…



Your travel itinerary at your fingertips – from flights to hotel reservations.

Google Translate

Have a conversation, translate a menu, give a taxi driver directions. Never get lost again!


Finds you the best airfare deals and the best times to buy and fly!


A great starting point when planning a trip–Find flights and hotels in seconds!

Your preferred Airline’s app

Check in, see your flight status and never miss the in-flight entertainment.


Open Table

In a pinch or planning weeks ahead– it does all the work for you in seconds.


Nab a table at the hottest restaurants in town.


Take the work out of dinner. Let professional chefs deliver meals to your doorstep.


Delivery from virtually any store or restaurant in your city.


For when you have caviar tastes and Postmates can’t deliver.

Get It Done!


She will quickly become the first “person” you greet in the morning and the last person you talk to at night.


Friendly and responsible dog walkers at your doorstep in minutes!

Genius Scan

Transform any piece of paper into a scannable document–from permission slips to health records.


A modern convenience almost impossible to live without.


Easiest to use to-do list app– it truly is a ‘wunder’!

Get Human

The secrets to getting through to customer service fast.

Apple Notes

Easily lock and share notes–From passwords to packing lists…


Clear away the clutter and swipe your way to a cleaner inbox.


Track all your online purchases in one place, with shipment updates and receipt histories.


Team Snap

From carpools to practice schedules, it makes managing logistics  a breeze.


Chief Technology Officer

Password Management


For secure password management and storing important docs.

Apple Notes

Manage family passwords by creating shared notes.

Tech Support

Heard It From A Friend

Jump into the “Tech Talk” conversation and get your questions answered!

Find my iPhone

Keep track of all your family’s devices. Be sure you’ve set it up before it’s too late!


Chief Human Resources Officer

Parenting Technology

Our Pact

The only parental control app you will ever need for iOS devices.


Best used for limiting time on computers and gaming stations.


Monitor all of your children’s social media accounts and text messages in one place.


Monitor actual texting and web browsing history in real time.

Learning For Kids


This is the go-to app for helping kids prepare for quizzes and tests.

Khan Academy

A great resource to help your children reinforce what they’re learning at school.

Book Wizard by Scholastic

Know which books are the right reading level for your child.


Chief Financial Officer

Money Apps

Zelle/Your Bank’s App

Get your time back with mobile functionality.


Pay a Friend quickly, or shop online and breeze through checkout.

Wallet (Apple Pay)

Leave your wallet behind and zap your way through the supermarket checkout.

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