What is the Verizon Family Plan? 

Verizon has an algorithm that can recommend the right plan for each family member based on individual usage history. Each family member gets unlimited data and minutes, but families can select different plans for individual family members as a way to manage cost. The more expensive plans include features such as higher data speeds and access to a hotspot. 

When these individual plans are bundled together, they’re referred to as Verizon’s Mix and Match Family Plan. You can compare plans here and further discounts are offered if you sign up for automatic payments.

Verizon Smart Family is a service that gives parents the ability to manage their kid’s smartphone use via the Verizon Smart Family app (which parents download on their phone). Key features include content filtering, and limiting/monitor calls, texts and purchases. Parents who want to limit who their child can communicate with can designate a maximum of 20 Trusted Contacts.

There are two subscription options for Verizon Smart Family:

    1. the $4.99/month option allows parents to designate Trusted contacts and manage mobile devices
    2. the $9.99/month option includes the above plus location alerts

There is a Just Kids Plan that still offers unlimited minutes but limits data to 5GB (still plenty for most kids). It includes the Verizon Smart Family Service (the $9.99/month option) and is still slightly less expensive than other plans.

Who is Eligible for Just Kids?

To sign-up for the Just Kids Plan, a parent must have one of these individual plans to be eligible:

    • Get More Unlimited, 
    • Do More Unlimited, 
    • Play More Unlimited, 
    • Start Unlimited
    • Above Unlimited
    • Beyond Unlimited
    • Go Unlimited

How do I  Activate the Just Kids Plan?

Confirm you have an eligible parent plan (or make a plan change) by doing one of the following:

    1. Log in to My Verizon
    2. Call Verizon–611 from your phone
    3. Download the Verizon App

How do I Activate the Verizon Smart Family Service?


  1. Download the Verizon Smart Family App. Click here to view setup instructions. Because you login with your account details, you shouldn’t have to subscribe if you already have the Just Kids Plan
  2. Designate Trusted Contacts (see setup instructions and look for the link on the right navigation menu)
  3. Link your child’s device to the parental controls that you’ve set in the Smart Family App by downloading the Smart Family Companion App on your child’s phone. 
  4. Follow setup instructions to connect your child’s device here (see Pair Child’s app link on right navigation bar–it’s all the way at the end!)

What the Difference between having Smart Family on my account and Just Kids Smart Family Plan?


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