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Be In The Know

Keeping up with technology can feel totally overwhelming and it’s moving at lightning speed.  If reading TechCrunch and CNET aren’t your thing, but you want to know how technology will affect you, your family, and your future, then this is for you.

The Latest From the Big 5

Meet Our Future

What’s Up with our Kids and Teens

Boost My Tech Savvy

Competence and Confidence are the essence of what it means to be tech savvy. Heard It From A Friend provides easy-to-follow tech education to keep you aware of what tools are available and how to best use them— when “Running the Family Business,” or in any life scenario.

What Every Star CEO Should Have In Her Toolkit

The Latest Tech Tips

Solving Our Biggest Challenges One At A Time

Live Your Best Life Now

Get Me Some Leverage

We have a Big Problem and we need to work together to solve it. We are overwhelmed by the minutiae of running the “Family Business” and it’s holding us back. Heard It From A Friend provides actionable tips for using technology to take control and get things done.

Best Practices for the C-level in You

Ask a Friend/Tell a Friend

Hands On Help

Not To Be Missed

Hear Our Voice

While we can try to shift some of these “Family Business” responsibilities to our spouse and our children in the name of getting more leverage, the fact is: we don’t have the technology we need. Heard It From A Friend aims to motivate and activate our community to advocate for change for ourselves and our daughters.

Speak Up



The Need For Change

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