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Maybe Men Can Relate to “Emotional Labor” in These Terms…

My Letter To

Dear Gemma,

I like so many others know your frustration—so much of the work we do on the home front is imperceptible and not widely understood, sometimes even to ourselves. I was completely caught off guard by the magnitude and scope of responsibilities when I first set up household and later had my first baby. I didn’t begin to truly value the importance of the job until I began thinking in these terms:

The “Family Business:”

[imagelinks slug=”hifaf-familybusiness-infographic”]


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Has Your Husband Earned C-Level Status?

While certainly the division of labor breaks down differently in every household, women are carrying the weight of what I call running the “Family Business.” It is with us always consuming our mental bandwidth, whether we’re headed to the office or the grocery store. Meanwhile, our significant others, in a supporting role or “helper” capacity, enjoy the luxury of laser focus when it comes to their careers. It’s not fair, but it’s our history.

Melinda Gates has her eye on these challenges, and in her recent LinkedIn post calls for collaboration around how employers can invest in supporting women on the home front. Beyond more pro-family policies, I think we need to start looking at technology for solutions and have proposed a Developer’s Challenge. I would love a slick system that would make it easy to clearly delineate tasks and delegate, so I don’t always have to be in charge. And wouldn’t it be nice if we could ditch the ridiculously redundant and time-consuming tasks like filling out emergency contact forms and figuring out after-school activities and childcare logistics?

I am hopeful the future of work and home will look very different for our children. History need not repeat!

Congrats on your success!

Julie Paul
Founder, Heard It From Friend

It’s Time for Our Voices to be Heard.

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