Why Do You Recommend OurPact?

As we often say, Screen Time comes in all different shapes and sizes.  When managing iOS devices is your most pressing issue, then we highly recommend OurPact for the following reasons:

  1. The user interface is so much more intuitive than Apple’s Screen Time, which makes it easier to use on a day-to-day basis
  2. You can easily grant and block access in a few quick taps, so consider the global shutoff button found!
  3. You can create different schedules and save your screen time preferences, which means you can have different schedules during vacation and the school year without having to toggle switches.
  4. Your child can have a different screen time set up for her iPad and iPhone. This means: your child’s phone can be open at different hours with different app parameters than her iPad.
  5. You can sidestep most of Apple’s confusing parental control setup.

Relative to other paid parental control solutions, OurPact is the only one that helps parents control every single app. For this and the reasons named above, we think that OurPact is worth paying for and have used it since 2016.

We have also discovered recently that OurPact in combination with Screen Time is even more effective. To see why, click here.

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