Why Do You Think Screen Time and OurPact are Better Together?

When Parenting Technology, there are many layers of complications. Here are a few we think of Screen Time and Our Pact:

Scenario #1:

Our Pact, you have globally Grant or block feature to shut off the device as per your schedules. With Screen Time, for example, you can only have one Downtime feature per day. But what if you want most everything to shut off on your child’s phone and still give your child the flexibility to listen to music for another hour every night?

Scenario #2:

You like Screen Time’s ability to help you set different time limits for different apps, but you find it much easier to use OurPact for pausing devices, granting additional time, and saving screen time preferences via schedules.

Scenario #3:

You like the simplicity of OurPact, but you’d like to see which sites your child is browsing and which apps he spends the most time on. Screen Time can give you this visibility through the dashboard feature.

For these reasons and many more, we think there’s a place for both working together.

If you have questions related to Screen Time and OurPact Text us!.

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