No screen time ever seems to be enough with my kids, and it’s disrupting the peace in our household.  What can I do?


No Screen Time is Ever Enough!

In today’s world it can be hard to turn the technology off–it’s everywhere and so many of many of its features were intentionally designed to keep us hooked in. Self-regulation is a learned skill, and it’s no wonder many kids don’t know their own limits.  

  1. If battles over screen time are taking their toll on your relationship, consider taking a prolonged break. We’ve done this periodically, and while it can be unpleasant at first, resetting the balance is always worth it. And we always say, the more the kids, the more they likely need it.*
  2. Once the dust has settled, and your kids begin to rediscover their toys and the great outdoors, you use our Family Agreement to ease back into screen time.  It can help you outline expectations for:
    • Device use–where, when and how much
    • Meeting basic responsibilities and family chores
    • Healthy habits and device etiquette
    • Appropriate content
    • Parental privileges and controls
  3. Talk with your kids about how they want to use their free time. Free time doesn’t have to always equal screen time
  4. We also recommend setting time limits, so that kids learn that technology has a clear starting and ending point. Screen Time  in iOS 12 is very effective, and Guided Access for younger kids using iOS11 can work well too.  

*Depending on your family’s circumstance, it may be appropriate to consult a medical professional first.  

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