What Conversations Should I Have Before My Kids Get Online?

Eight Conversations to Have with Kids Before They Get Online

Parenting Technology is a long journey with many twists and turns. Engaging with your child early, when you have the most influence, is key. Be prepared to revisit these conversations, and check-in frequently as your child progresses down the digital path. Every time you express your ongoing commitment to your child’s digital well-being, they’ll know you’re looking out for their best interests!

We recommend that every parent have these eight conversations with their kids:

1.  It’s possible that you may see something inappropriate on the internet. Please come to talk to me if this happens.

2.  Be aware that not everyone is who they say they are, Never share any personal information or details about yourself. Never open an account or activate a trial without my permission.

3.  A written record is a permanent record and is not easily forgotten. Be mindful of what you say in text messages and what you post.

4.  The meaning behind text and email messages can be easily misinterpreted. Never write anything that you wouldn’t say in-person, or wouldn’t want a parent to hear

5.  Never assume that any communication is private ( anything can be a screenshot)

6.  Protect your phone and password (do not share them with anyone, even friends!)

7.  People post the best moments in their lives, so avoid fixating that others have it better than you

8.  There are short and long- term consequences for misstepping online:

Next Steps

Complete Our Family Agreement as a next step and feel confident you’re continuing to meet your digital parenting responsibilities. It really helps to create a shared understanding of expectations for device use, and strike a better balance as a result. Because Parenting Technology is continuously evolving, you can come back to make changes at any time.

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