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What Is Family Sharing and Why Should I Set It Up?

In order to take full advantage of Apple's Screen Time functionality, parents must set up Family Sharing.

The main benefits include:

  • The ability to manage Screen Time from your phone
  • Requiring your approval before your child can download any app (this is the Ask to Buy feature)
  • Knowing where your family members are (at least the location of their devices) via Find My

  You will need access to your child's device

How old is your child?

Our instructions are age based: please enter your child's age to proceed

Does your child have an Apple ID?

Here's how to create an Apple ID

- On your child's device, go to Settings,and tap the Profile
- Select Don't have an Apple ID
- Create Apple ID

  When creating an Apple ID:

  • Be creative—there are millions of Apple users, so aim for success on the first try
  • Use at least 8 characters for passwords with upper and lower case letters AND 1 number and 1 special character

Has Family Sharing Been Set Up?

You must complete the step and Select 'Yes' to proceed

Are you the Organizer or Parent /Guardian? (*)

You must complete the step and Select 'Yes' to proceed

Ocne these steps have been completed, please select 'YES' above to proceed

If you see Family sharing under your profile you must be the Organizer or designated as Parent/Guardian. Tap your name to check, and if neither of these is displayed.

Go to the Organizer's phone, tap their Account Profile, tap Family Sharing, then tap Your Name and toggle on the Parent/Guardian setting

Note: Only the Organizer can add family members (up to 6 Apple IDs per family).

Your child's device must be logged in under your child's Apple ID

You must complete the step and Select 'Yes' to proceed

You will need to sign out the current user, and this will require the curent user's Apple ID Password.

  • Tap into Profile
  • Scroll down to sign out
  • Log in with your child's Apple ID
  • When asked if you want to merge data, select 'No' if you want the device to be set up without the prior user's data.

Is this the same Apple ID that's being used for Family Sharing?

You must complete the step and Select 'Yes' to proceed

If a different Apple ID is being used for Family Sharing, you will need to add the Apple ID your child is using on their device

  • From the Organizer's phone, go to Settings and tap the Profile
  • Tap Family Sharing > tap Add Family Member to send an invitation
  • Your will need to accept the invitation on your child's device

Note: Apple does not allow you to remove family members under 18, and only allows up to 6 people family

At this point, we recommend confirming that Find My iPhone is set up so you can locate device(s) if they get lost.

Is Find My iPhone active?

-From your child's device, go to Settings
-Tap your child's profile
- Select Find My
-Toggle on Find My iPhone, Enable Offline Finding, and Send Last Location
-Tap the back arrow (top left) and confirm that Share My Location is toggled on.

How do you want to handle access to the App Store?

We will show you how to block the App Store in a later step.

Now it's time to switch to your phone, and the first step is to turn on Ask to Buy

-Go to Settings
-Click on Your Profile and tap Family Sharing
-Tap on your child and toggle on Ask to Buy

If there is another designated Parent/Guardian, they will also receive these notifications requesting permission.

Congratulations, you’ve finished this section!*

The final step is to Find the Right Screen Time Set Up for you.

*If you have another child to add to Family Sharing click here.


HIFAF Recommendation

Before moving forward, take a few minutes to review with your child which apps are installed on his or her device(s). Delete any that are not needed and download any that you wish to give your child access to. This may save you some time in the setup process and give you some peace of mind too.

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