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Our Experience

We’ve worked with dozens of families to sort through their screen time issues and help parents feel more confident that they’re meeting their digital parenting responsibilities. Parenting Technology can feel like a labyrinthine maze, and knowing where to begin is often the hardest part. Based on our experience, we know the questions to ask and can help you to find the path that’s right for you and your family. 

Our Process

Once we’ve mapped out your digital policy, we can help you put the technology in place to back up your parenting. We’ve spent years using and testing many of the best parental control solutions on the market as well as Apple’s Screen Time and Google’s Family Link. Not only do we save you time by guiding you through set up, but we also help you to optimize it based on your specific scenario. Putting controls in place helps children to develop healthy digital habits by learning that technology has an off switch. While self-regulation is the ultimate goal, it’s a learned skill that’s many years in the making. We offer parents strategies to handle tough conversations and offer ongoing support via Our Texting Line.

Our iConcierge Service includes:

  • A customized action plan based on your family’s needs 
  • Guided setup assistance (our setup tools make it easy)
  • 60-minute phone consultation*
  • Annual Friendship which includes access to our:
    • Parenting Technology Toolkit
    • Screen Time and Social Media Roadmaps to help you navigate the major issues
    • Ongoing support through our Q & A-Line


*Additional time is billed at $129/hour

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