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When we kissed the corporate world goodbye years ago, we panicked about losing access to the IT Help desk. We dreamed of having someone we could reach out to, someone who would understand what it’s like to be the Chief Technology Officer of your household and for your family.

Through our iConcierge Services, we are that lifeline when it comes to ‘Parenting Technology’. We are always just a text away, and if you need more personalized support, you can book time with us.

What would you like to do?

We Can Get Your Kids All Set Up!

‘Parenting Technology’ can feel like a labyrinthine maze. It’s easy to feel stuck or confused about where to begin. Sometime it’s just nice when someone can do it for you. Best of all, when we’re finished, you’ll be able to manage screen time from the convenience of your own phone.

We can help you to:
  • Untangle all of those accounts, advise on what to buy, and re-purpose your old devices
  • Set content and privacy restrictions for Apple devices (and explain what they mean)
  • Create Screen Time time limits with the right amount of flexibility
  • Get control over app purchases and YouTube
  • Manage privacy settings for social media accounts and learn best practices for monitoring (Instagram and Snapchat)
  • Create a Family Agreement customized to your family’s needs
  • Ease the transition with talking points and reference articles for your kids

You can hit the ground running and know that you can always reach out for further support.

Our services are:
  • $99 per child for the initial consultation and post setup walk-through*
  • $49  per device to set up Apple’s latest parental controls

*All additional services, as discussed during our initial consultation, will be billed at $85 an hour


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