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We’re your Partner in ‘Parenting Technology’

‘Parenting Technology’ can feel like a labyrinthine maze. It’s easy to feel stuck or confused about where to begin. 
We’ve spent years using and testing many of the best parenting technology solutions out there and can set you up with the best tools for your family’s unique situation.  
Fear of technology overuse now ranks as one of the top parenting concerns, but it doesn’t need to be this hard.
With the right guardrails in place and Our Parenting Technology Toolkit, we can help you to navigate the many twists and turns that inevitably lie ahead.

We offer two options:

Option #1: We Guide You Through

 What to expect

    • Our ‘Parenting Technology’ Toolkit and access to all Roadmaps and Guides (included in Annual Friendship)
    • Phone Consultation (30-minute)
    • A customized action plan with step-by-step guidance
    • A ‘Parenting Technology’ Checklist 
    • Our Texting Line (under development) for additional support


    • An experienced perspective
    • Time savings (we’ve done the heavy lifting)
    • Readiness to address ‘Parenting Technology’ challenges
    • Ongoing support

Recommended for:

    • Parents who want to ensure proper setup of children’s devices
    • Parents who are willing to invest the time (we’ve teed up all the shortcuts)
    • Smaller families with fewer devices to manage


Option #2: We Do It For You

 What to expect

    • A Family Assessment
    • Device setup and Walkthrough
    • Customized Action Plan and ‘Parenting Technology’ Checklist
    • Access to Parenting Technology Toolkit, all Roadmaps and Guides (Annual Friendship included)
    • Our Texting Line and personalized ongoing support


    • One-to-one guidance and instruction
    • Minimum time investment
    • Assurance that your digital house is in order and you’re prepared to ‘Parent Technology’
    • Ongoing personalized support

Recommended for:

    • Parents who are overwhelmed by technology and appreciate focused attention
    • Parents who want our help in implementing the best tools to meet their families’ needs
    • Families with multiple children and many devices to manage

: Priced upon Request

($150/hour for consultation; $50/hour for device setup and customized research)

We’re fielding questions all the time and know that many of Our Friends have the same ones–link to What can I ask?. If you pose a question that we’ve never answered before and that pertains to Our Inner Circle as a whole, we’ll gladly add it to our queue for further investigation.  


We’re committed to getting Our Friends the answers they need when ‘Parenting Technology’ and are aiming for as quick of a turnaround as possible. Think of us your research staff who can give you a qualified opinion in a readily interpretable format.


Cost: Included with your Annual Friendship


“Working with the Heard It From A team was a dream! I was lost as to how to safeguard my children’s devices, and they enabled a system where our devices are now all connected. I have control over how much screen time and which apps my children have access to, and their devices were secured to ensure they only have access to age-appropriate material. It’s been about a month and the system is working great. I feel confident my kids are safe an I will continue to work the Heard It From a Friend team and would highly recommend them.”

– Natasha

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