What’s Your Real Age in Technology Years? See The Profiles From Our Quiz…

What did our quiz reveal about you?

Baby Boomer like Meryl Streep.

Whether you’re in this age group or not, it might be time to Boost Your Tech Savvy!


Gen Xer like Jennifer Garner.

If you’re actually a Baby Boomer, hats off to you! If you’re an actual Gen Xer, you’re in the technology groove, but can always step up your game. It might be the key to getting some of your time back.


Millenial like Brit Morin (Brit+Co).

Lucky you, you’ve never known life without the internet and never go all deer-in-the-headlights. Be kind to your elders–you can certainly teach them a thing or two!


A sign of the times, like Ariana Grande.

Hopefully, you look up once in awhile and still experience some of  the benefits of small talk on occasion. May you know how to write with proper punctuation and in complete sentences, even if you dream in emoji. Use your prowess as a force for good and set a shining example to encourage more STEM stars.

We’re engaging women everywhere in the technology conversation–come join us in The Friend Forum!

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