While the division of labor breaks down differently in every household, it’s well-documented that running the “Family Business” falls more squarely on the shoulders of women and comes as no surprise. This is what we carry with us whether we’re headed to the office or the grocery store, and it consumes our mental energy, taking its toll on our health and happiness.

The “Family Business”

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And now that we’re signing iPad school use policies for our kindergarteners and have numerous devices in the house, we’ve unwittingly been promoted to Chief Technology Officer. It’s disquieting to think of our kids being more technologically agile and that we’re behind the learning curve instead of leading it. Many of us (including Melinda Gates!) find ourselves completely unprepared. So the question is:

“How Can We Get More Leverage?”

Heard It From A Friend was founded to help women keep up with technology and to identify solutions to make the running of the “Family Business” more efficient. And if the solutions don’t exist, then it’s time to begin developing them. Such an investment will go a long way toward addressing gender imbalances in the workplace and making busy family life more manageable and enjoyable for all.

Here’s our proposal: Companies that understand the need to help women get more leverage on the home front could sponsor a Developer’s Challenge with an open invitation to surface the best ideas. I for one would love a slick system that would make it easy to clearly delineate tasks and delegate, so I don’t always have to be in charge. And wouldn’t it be nice if we could ditch redundant and time-consuming tasks like filling out emergency contact forms and figuring out after school activities and childcare logistics? What a multilateral partnership this could be!

It’s Time for Our Voices to be Heard.

Do You Like the Idea of a Developer’s Challenge?

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Heard It From a Friend is busy building a platform dedicated to technology solutions that make running the “Family Business” more efficient. Technology should make everyday life easier. To be notified when the site is live, click here.


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