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Heard It From a Friend is a news and education service for women who want to keep up with technology. We focus on and what you need to know to “Be In the Know” and create conversation, collaboration, and community around the technology needed to run the “Family Business.” Our goal is to cut through the overwhelm to help you get more leverage and reclaim your time.
As 29% of women with school-age children focus on raising children and another 7% are self-employed, many of us do not have ready access to an IT Help Desk or even tech-savvy co-workers. And given that 90% of developers and 94% of Silicon Valley investors are men, women are largely shut out of the tech world and key decisions related to design and investment. We need to have a voice to get the technology we need.
Even in households with two full-time working parents, women are carrying the majority of the load when it comes to caring for children and household responsibilities. Being the CEO of the “Family Business” is a huge job that you carry with you whether you’re headed to the office or the grocery store.

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Now that we’re signing school iPad use policies for our Kindergarteners, we’ve stepped into the role of Chief Technology Officer too.
By shining a spotlight on the technology needed to run the “Family Business” more efficiently, we bring you the benefits of our learning curve and how to apply the best technologies to our everyday use scenarios. Heard It From a Friend zeroes in on What Every CEO Should Have in her Toolkit and can help you Get a Grip on setting up parental controls and managing screen time and keeping you up-to-date with our Take the Tech Challenge.
Heard It From A Friend was founded on the realization that women need each other to socialize technology to make it stick and that more interaction and engagement are the key to making it more fun. It’s amazing to hear the laughter when someone learns a new iPhone trick or can’t stop talking about her favorite game-changing app.
We all know we get the best information from our friends, and you don’t have to go it alone… Become a Friend Today!

Heard It From a Friend is busy building a platform dedicated to technology solutions that make running the “Family Business” more efficient. Technology should make everyday life easier. To be notified when the site is live, click here.


To get in touch with us, please visit our Contact Us page.



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