Dear Friends,

Have you ever turned up to a Book Club meeting and felt guilty because you hadn’t finished, or even started reading the book? Family life is busier than ever, and running the “Family Business” stretches us in every imaginable direction.

After my revelationary experience at Dreamforce, I began thinking about how I wanted to learn about technology and what would motivate me. While in theory I wanted to be able to keep up with my kids and be super-efficient, it wasn’t like I was curling up with the latest issue of Tech Crunch, watching Youtube videos or hitting the Apple store for training. The problem was that none of these options spoke to me or inspired confidence that they understood my challenges in running the “Family Business” and could serve up the right solutions.

Instead of Bookclub, How About a Tech Circle?

Instead, I envisioned a gathering of friends, or peers, with similar questions and needs much like a book club, including that glass of wine. While fun with friends is always a good idea, it seems easier to justify on a school night if you’re convening with a good purpose like boosting your tech savvy.

Several weeks ago, I tested the concept by inviting a group of friends and partnering with Enjoy. My goal for the session was what I call the Heard It From A Friend High-Five (“HIFAF”): Mastering at least 5 new skills.


It’s really hard to gauge tech savvy, so the evening was filled with surprises. Some of my friends who claimed to be the least knowledgeable impressed me (Cindy, you rock Siri!), while others who felt more confident in their tech skills laughed when they learned something so basic. We all left giving each other hugs and HIFAFs!

 You’re Invited to: Get a Grip – Family Sharing and Parental Controls!

At Heard it From a Friend, we believe we need to make technology a part of our every day conversation and that socializing technology is the key to making it stick and making it


more fun. In this spirit, we’re throwing open the doors to Heard It From A Friend members on Tuesday May 9th, 7:00-8:30pm for our first Tech Circle: Get a Grip: Family Sharing and Parental Controls*Nicole Bongard, Tech Expert, Heard It From A Friend Advisor, and Founder of Appleseed Consultants, will lead this first Friend Event.

Whether you’re an enthusiastic or reluctant Chief Technology Officer, undoubtedly managing devices in your household is more than a bit tricky. Our kick-off Friend Event aims to make your job easier. It is BYOD – bring your own device, and we will get you headed in the right direction.


Here’s what we’ll cover:

What Is Family Sharing, Why You Should Set It Up and How – Do It Now!  Because every family likes to share….
Parental Controls on iOS devices: Look forward to sleeping again at night
Privacy settings: Throw yourself some shade with these first-level tips
Managing screentime: Simple tools for managing access and apps
Block your calendar now and make it happen. We promise you’ll be glad you did! Space is limited, but we welcome you to bring a friend – it will be a guilt-free evening because you don’t have to read the book :).

Register here – we are offering our friends a preferred rate of $25 per person – we are excited to get your feedback.

Give Yourself a “HIFAF” if You Master These 5 Skills

How to Manage Siri 

When you’re running the “Family Business” and playing all the C-Level roles, every good Chief Administrative Officer needs a good assistant. I swear I was ready to fire Siri, but now I know how to maximize her performance.


Knowing the tips below boosted my confidence that Siri is actually a helpful tool, plus I’m practicing giving concise directions and extemporaneous speaking. Now that I’m improving my Voice Command skills, I’m finding it a huge time-savings, and it’s making texting look pretty tedious. Also with Siri, you can model good etiquette for your kids and have a good laugh too.

  1. It’s all about the WAVE: hold down the home button and start talking. The wave means Siri is listening. Do not release the home button until you’re finished giving Siri directions. Sometimes if you don’t start talking soon enough a microphone will appear. If this happens, Tap the Microphone, start talking and Siri will start listening again.
  2. Just say, “HEY SIRI”: you can summon Siri from across the room with this command.  Start talking only after she gives you her special dinging sound.  This is her signal that she’s on duty. To set up: Settings > Siri> Allow “Hey Siri” (slide on to green) and follow Hey Siri set-up instructions.
  3. Siri is eager to serve: she can give you all kinds of ideas what types of questions you can ask her – after the microphone appears, just press the “?” in the lower left-hand corner.
  4. Siri can OPEN APPS: She’s been getting smarter and now you can say, “Siri, open Amazon” or “Siri, get me an Uber.”
  5. Siri can Get You Home QUICK: Just say, “Hey Siri, take me home.” To Set this up: Settings > Siri > My info > then select your contact card.  As an extra safety precaution, you may want to put in your street, but not the number if you’re concerned about your privacy.

Siri does go ON BREAK, so it’s helpful to know the circumstances under which this happens, so you don’t completely lose your faith in her. The “Hey Siri” feature does not work when your phone is in Low Battery Power Mode or your phone is stuffed in your purse – it has to be face up and out somewhere. And Siri is on strike when you’re not connected to the Internet, so when you’re driving in the boonies, she’s of no practical use.

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Want To Learn With Your Friends?

So far, 100% of women say they like the idea of learning about technology in the company of friends or peers. Do you agree?

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Please let us know what topics you’d like to learn about:

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What’s Up With Our Kids?

We’re launching this new section, “What’s Up With Our Kids?” to share some of the challenges, poignant moments, funny situations and awkward scenarios that make parenting what it is today in this Digital Age. We know kids love technology and it can be a fun way to connect with them.

My kids have laughed endlessly asking Siri, “What’s 0 divided by 0?” and “Why Are Fire Engines Red?”  Try asking Siri where the nearest gas station is and if she knows whose gas smells better and you might find yourself cracking up too.

Do you have a funny Siri story to share?  Take a minute to tell us!

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