Why ‘Wait Until 8th’?

Dear Friends,

I realize this may not be popular, but really I don’t understand this trend. ‘Wait Until 8th’ (grade) to give your kids a smartphone is a campaign that launched last August and continues to gain traction. They recently published this piece on Facebook extolling the benefits of the new LightPhone2, calling it a “basic phone with a cool design without all the garbage that comes with smartphones.”

At first it’s easy to agree, but if you dig deeper, you’ll realize that every app on an iPhone is a parent’s choice. The only exceptions are the phone itself and text messaging. Literally, it takes less than a minute to strip a iPhone down to these basic components. If you’re ready to give your children some controlled freedom, a Friend Favorite: OurPact, can help you set time allowances and limits for every single app. Even famed chef, Jamie Oliver, calls it “life-changing,” and we’ve found it makes managing screen time so much easier.

While I’m sure ‘Wait Until 8th’ is well-meaning in its intentions, there are parents like myself, who love that FaceTime is their 6th grader’s go-to to talk with friends and that our middle schoolers can listen to music, take as many pictures as they want and make iMovies, all on one device. A $250 “light” device is an expensive alternative to a repurposed or refurbished smartphone that your child can grow into.

Having a strong set of guidelines for media use for tweens sets the tone and paves the way for the future. Personally, I think it’s easier to ‘parent technology’ while our kids are still inclined to take direction from us, and then, we can turn the firehose on, one twist at a time.

With best wishes,

Julie Paul
Founder and CEO

What do you think of ‘Wait Until 8th’?

Do You Know About OurPact?

We’re often asked what’s our favorite screen time management tool: It’s OurPact!

OurPact is the only parental control app on the market that controls every single iOS app. You can set schedules, give your kids usage allowances, and shut their devices off. You can also create time limits for social media apps and texting, or block them entirely. And you can set limits for Netflix, while still leaving access open for educational apps. Your kids can always read or practice math facts! OurPact makes your job as Chief Technology Officer SO much easier!

Boost Your Tech Savvy
Tech Tip #24: OurPact: The Best Parental Control App for iOS devices!


Life as Chief Technology Officer of the household has been so much better since we started using OurPact. We love that we can give our kid allowance time which means more freedom for them and less time spent tussling over devices.  For $84 a year, we think it’s a no-brainer investment.

We’ve spent hours setting up and testing this app to see how it performs in our many different parenting scenarios.  It holds up for tots, tweens, and teens which is why we recommend it so highly. We hope our time investment pays off for you– we’ve tried to make this as turnkey as possible.

Here’s how to set it up…

Heard It From A Friend is all about sharing best practices and making OUR everyday better with technology!

Let’s Talk Tech! Need Help Setting Up OurPact?

We Come to You On Your Schedule

We’ll do it for you! And after setting up OurPact, we can help you with other  parental control settings on iOS devices and Macs.
Our goal is to understand your family’s scenario and match you to the best  resources. We can help you get off to a good start with your kids’ devices, and offer best practices to regain control if screen-time is an issue. Let’s finally get this crossed off your list!

By Phone or In-Person:

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We’re engaging women in the technology conversation and collaborating around running The ‘Family’ Business. Here are some of the questions we answered this week:

“How Do You Set Time Allowances in OurPact?”
“How Do You Set A Schedule?”
“What privacy settings should I set in iOS?”

Ask questions, share your thoughts, share an article here. Friends helping Friends can make all the difference!

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