Why Everything in
Moderation is the Key

Dear Friends,

Everything in moderation was the mantra handed to me by my mother for just about any life advice. It’s remarkable how flexible it is and applies to almost any situation. Just as diet fads come and go, so do admonitions that smartphones are ruining a generation, or exhortations that social media is behind the increase in depression and anxiety. As a parent, it can be confusing what to believe, especially when headlines proclaim that the latest study shows that screen time is materially altering young children’s brains.

Here at Heard It From a Friend, we took a deep dive into all the latest research and surveys to examine the facts. At the core, parents can take heart that moderation is the key. While the American Academy of Pediatrics does not issue a hard and fast screen time limit, they do advise parents to make sure that kids get plenty of time for the activities that promote health and well-being: sleep, exercise, fresh air, reading and time with friends and family.

We’ve developed our TimeWise Calculator to help parents and children visualize where their time goes and discuss what they’d like to be doing with their free time. We’ve also designed our Screen Time and Social Media Roadmaps to help parents feel prepared to address the many challenges of Parenting Technology. As part of our mission to minimize the overwhelm, you can select the content you want and have it delivered on a schedule of your choosing.  And through our iConcierge Services, we continue to work actively with parents to define their digital policy and put the technology in place to back up their parenting.

With best wishes,

Julie Paul
Founder and CEO

Our TimeWise Calculator

Help your kids visualize where their time goes and what they want to be doing more of in their free time. Free time doesn’t always have to equal screen time, and you may be surprised what your kids suggest…

Tap to zoom inTimewise calculator 

Friends of the Month: Kim and George Morris

moderation,friendsIt was such a pleasure meeting you two, and I’m always so impressed when parents take an active role together. Parenting Technology is a big job these days, and it’s so helpful when kids get the benefit of having two parents guiding their digital journey!

Our Roadmaps


Our Roadmaps for Screen Time and Social Media can give you a clear starting point and guide you through the Technology Overwhelm. From What’s the Right Amount of Screen Time to Social Media: the Major Concerns, we’ve read all the latest research so you don’t have to. We break these big topics down, delivering just the right amount of information to your inbox on a schedule of your choosing. Check off your progress along the way and feel confident you’re on top of it!

Tech Tip #38: Honey: Your Smart Shopping Assistant!

Honey: Your Smart Shopping Assistant!When online shopping, it’s just too easy to click and add to your cart. While moderation is always advisable, Honey can help you save hundreds of dollars with almost zero effort.

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