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Where Do You Get Your News?

Dear Friends,

The question of “Where Do You Get Your News?” first came up among my circle of friends several years ago. Given how digital media had been upending the traditional news model, we suddenly had the ability to tailor the news to fit our interests and break free of traditional publications whose broad coverage left us somewhat frosty.

I think many of us were curious about the landscape of new options, the discovery process, and whether we’d found anything that was actually good. To picture what our influence maps must look like when compiled from our newsfeeds is intriguing. I thought this bubble chart really captures the concept (I promise it’s not intended to be political in any way!). Here is a version showing some of Our Friends’ favorite sources:

Where We Get Our News

Getting in the flow of information that motivates and inspires you can be transforming. When I was at the major point of transition from raising young children to figuring out “What’s Next?,” I found getting in the right flow helped me to jumpstart my path. I starting paying attention to which stories really grabbed me, and these insights helped me to discover that I was really passionate about women and technology. Now I’ve loaded up on tech blogs and like to think I’m reading TechCrunch and CNet so you don’t have to. I will say that hanging out in forums with SoupCan and Weasel Boy really does add some color to my life :).

Given all the controversy surrounding “Fake News,” considering the source is important now more than ever. With Facebook announcing last week that it is seriously overhauling News Feed, it may be time to tweak your news sources. To see what our Friends are reading, we’ve profiled some of our favorites here…

With best wishes,

Julie Paul
Founder and CEO

Boost Your Tech Savvy

Apple News: Since 2015, it’s been right in front of us, but do you know how to make it work for you? News conveniently aggregates stories from a variety of sources, from CNN to The Wall Street Journal, The HuffPost to WhoWhatWear. You can follow specific Topics, select specific publications known as Channels, and save stories, and train News to give you the stories you want by Liking or Disliking.

There were some tweaks in iOS 11, so we decided it was time to understand how it’s actually set up:
Step 1: Follow prompts to set up the app.
Step 2: To make changes to your news feed, select Following icon in the navigation bar at the bottom to Browse Topics and Channels (e.g. specific publications).
Step 3: Manage Notifications under Channels by tapping the bell and select Channel to see the most recent stories from that publication.
Step 4: Select Search to find any other Channels, Topics, and stories.
Step 5: See stories selected by Apple’s Editors in Spotlight.

Step 6: Review your customized news feed in For You; Like and Dislike to train News.

Step 7: Select Share button to share stories, Save for later, and for reading offline.

Step 8: To limit which publications you receive stories from: go to Settings > News > Restrict Stories in For You

You’ll never miss the news you care about. To read more directly from Apple’s mouth, click here.

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