When the Unthinkable Happens…

Dear Friends,

The unthinkable has happened, and life as we know it has come to a very abrupt halt. Our children have been released from school likely–through the end of the year, legally we’re mandated to stay home, Soviet cold war-era supermarket lines snake around the local Trader Joe’s, and store shelves have been cleared of anything resembling disinfectant and toilet paper.

Adjusting to the new normal will take some time, and even though it’s only March, Merriam-Webster already has its ‘word’ for the year. #Social Distancing will forever encapsulate life in the year 2020. In just a matter of days, communication norms have changed, and I’m guessing they’ll have real staying power. Group FaceTiming family and friends is now a daily lifeline, especially to keep our children’s spirits lifted.

And with every negative, there can also be positives. In the slowing down, there’s definitely more time for family, the outdoors, reading and sleep. I’ve always been a weekly meal planner, but am now hyper-focused on making sure nothing goes to waste. As a creature of gym habit, new fitness app routines are unfamiliar and working me hard. I’m even more aware of what my friendships mean to me, and how much I miss seeing friends. Now I’m in more frequent contact than ever and collecting Quarantainment with the hope that humor, in the absence of a vaccine, proves helpful medicine.

As the reality of homeschooling sets in along with the massive hit to our daily productivity, we also find ourselves in the position of explaining to our children that they’re experiencing their first global crisis. While it is definitely scary, and will require working together as well as sacrifice, we will get through this.

And we will. May we all be stronger for it…

With best wishes,

Julie Paul
Founder and CEO

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