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What Questions Are You Afraid to Ask?

Dear Friends,

I just came off a glorious 72-hour girls’ weekend in LA, and there is nothing like the gift of the gab with girlfriends. There was non-stop chatter, from product recommendations like using these magnets for laundry instead of detergent, to how to get more leverage on the home front (delegating grocery shopping, meal prep, and errands is always a good idea).

Sometimes we need to hack through the rainforest that is our lives, and active collaboration with Friends can quickly yield many great solutions to our everyday challenges. Inevitably, our conversation turned to technology, and it’s amazing how in the company of friends, you are safe to ask any question. I applaud my friend, a partner in a law firm, for bravely asking, “How do you download a podcast?”

I’m sure we all have questions like this that we are afraid to ask. I’ve always envisioned our Friend Forum as a place where we can help each other to get a leg up on running the “Family” Business and seek tech advice firsthand. We encourage you to ask any question!

With best wishes,

Julie Paul
Founder and CEO

Boost Your Tech Savvy
Tech Tip #14 – How to Give Facebook the Minimum Amount of Data?

Safeguard your privacy in 4 simple steps…

Be In The Know: Friends Helping Friends -When you come across good articles, send them our way, like Our Friends below!

From Rebecca –  Apple has unveiled a new Families section on its website. Perhaps our advocacy played a role, especially considering that Cupertino logged time reviewing our letter to Tim Cook. While it’s a nod to some weighty criticism, Apple has made no commitment to simplify the labyrinthine process. Remember, it’s 393 steps for 5 devices.

From Cindy – All the rage since its launch on gaming consoles in July 2017, Fortnite has already earned quite a reputation. It Took Over My Life Inside NBA Players Fortnite Addiction.
Soon it will be available for wide release in the App store. Those of you with boys may want to take note.

From Johanna – A new study says, “Motherhood Is Like 2.5 Full-time Jobs” Well, we all knew that, but affirmation always appreciated.

Be In The Know: Our Gold Star Picks for the Week

If, Porn Is Not the Worst Thing on Musical.ly, then what is?

No, Motherhood Does Not Make Women Any Less Ambitious, 70% of women said that they just need this one thing.

Facebook knew our data would be used–it just didn’t expect it would be 50 million times. This wasn’t a hack, it was a wakeup call.​

The Friend Forum: Let’s Talk Tech!

Here’s what Our Friends are asking this week:

Calendaring: When I’m on the west coast, how do I make an appointment that will show up correctly in east coast time?

Email: How do I create a hyperlink in email?

Video Games: how can I set time allowances for my kids? 

What’s One Question You Are Afraid to Ask?

In The Friend Forum, we’re engaging women in the technology conversation and collaborating around running “The Family Business.” Come ask questions, share your thoughts, share an article, join our conversation! Every day, you can tap into your Friends for inspiration and answers to find the best resources.

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At your behest, we’re excited to launch our Let’s Talk Tech! 1-1 services. We know you’re busy and personalized attention is always a plus. We can help you get off to a good start with your kids’ devices, and offer best practices to regain control if screen-time is an issue.

Our goal is to understand your family’s scenario and match you to the best resources. But we won’t stop there, we’ll make sure you get them up and running.
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