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What’s Your Real Age?

Do You Hope to Be Iris When You Grow Up? Keeping Up With Technology Might Be Like Taking A Shot From the Fountain of Youth…


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Dear Friends,

There’s nothing like wearing age well, and Iris Apfel, the 96-year-old self-described “geriatric starlet” is one of the few who makes growing old look like an adventure. If you don’t look or feel your age, you’re in good company. Women in their 40s and 50s are now being called the Ageless Generation. It’s not just how we look and what we wear, but rather a mindset that embraces an active lifestyle and continuous learning. You may not be a Millenial, but perhaps you’re a Perennial?

If you’re aiming to be like Iris in your old age, I wonder if keeping up with technology could be like drinking a shot from the Fountain of Youth? Take our quiz to find out your real age in technology years!


With best wishes,

Julie Paul
Founder and CEO

The Friend Forum: Let’s Hear Your Voice

In The Friend Forum, we’re engaging women everywhere in the technology conversation. Come ask questions, share your thoughts, share an article. Curious how other moms are addressing screen time with their kids or social media? Or want to know about our major lessons learned? Ask away! Every day, you can tap into your Friends for answers, inspiration, and moral support.

Today’s Question: Does Technology Make You Feel Young or Old? 

For the CEO in You – Just For You
What’s Your Real Technology Age?

In technology years, are you more like a grandmother or your Millenial babysitter? Maybe deep down, you’re still a teenager! Take our quiz to find out…

Boost Your Tech Savvy – Tech Tip #6
The Hidden Secrets of Control Center

As CEOs of the Family Business, we run command central and we need the best tools at our fingertips. With the revamp of Control Center in iOS11, you can now easily access your favorites plus additional features. In Tech Tip #3, I showed you how to customize the control center, and here are the hidden features of 3D Touch:

Step 1: Swipe up from the bottom of your Home Screen.
Step 2: Press firmly to access in the Connectivity section (top left) to access Air Drop and Personal Hotspot.
Step 3: Press firmly in music section to activate AirPlay  and whichever music app you were last using.
Step 4: Press the Dimmer button firmly to activate NightShift (reduces blue light and makes your screen easier on the eyes at night.
Step 5: Press Camera firmly to access video recording, portrait and selfie modes.
Step 6: Press the Flashlight firmly to change the intensity of the light.

It’s that easy!

Our seconds become minutes, minutes become hours, hours become our life. Get boosted!
Be In The Know…
The best of what we’ve been reading this week:

Bill and Melinda Gates Go On a Date: In their annual letter, M+B team up to answer 10 of the toughest questions they get asked from, “Why are you really giving your money away?” to “What happens when you disagree?”  Their marriage advice here

Toast to This!Two Drinks a Day and one cup of leafy greens can help you fight off Alzheimers and fend off memory loss. Recent research shows strong associations, but does not conclusively prove.  The jury’s still out, but the verdict is looking in their favor.

Companies are Now Showing Moms the Love: Record unemployment levels have companies scrambling because their employees are scrambling. Worried that female employees will vacate their positions when they can’t find childcare, many employers are now building daycare facilities on-site. This makes who to lunch with every day a clear choice.

Do You Love Those Pictures Where You Can’t Tell Who’s the Mother and Who’s the Daughter? Why Women of 40 and 50 Are Now the “Ageless Generation!”  Does this sound like you?… “I don’t polish silver or plan menus, and I’m not interested in housework…96 percent of 40-plus women don’t feel middle-aged.”

Does Cellphone Radiation Cause Cancer?  Why the Largest Study Ever Won’t Settle the Debate. After two decades and $25million, scientist still agree to disagree, and it just goes to show that “good honest, scientific people can reach different conclusions from the same data.” The FDA’s holding steady with “we have not found sufficient evidence that there are adverse health effects in humans.”

We’re busy building a platform to connect women around running the “Family Business” and to make our everyday better with technology. Our membership-based community will launch soon, but we’re starting now with our weekly Friend Letters to give you a peak at the useful resources we’re collecting and assembling.

We hope you think of our Friend Letters fondly, like getting together with friends for Friday lunch. We invite you and your friends to join the collaboration in helping women to get more leverage. It’s time to make technology a part of our every day conversation, and we know we always get the best information from Our Friends…

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