Why is it so Difficult to Ask for Help?

Dear Friends,

It finally clicked for me why it’s so hard to ask for help. Not only do we live in a society that celebrates independence and self-sufficiency, but also culturally, we laud the virtue of hard work. Now in our 24/7 world, accessibility can trump family time, even on the Dumbo ride. And the new norm among the retired set is vying for “Who’s Busier?” bragging rights.

On the home front, we’re just one generation removed from exhortations to “greet your husband with a warm smile and sincere desire to please.” We may not always realize the expectations that surround us and the ones we place on ourselves. As my friend, Christine, so aptly puts it, “We were raised to believe we could do it all, and now we’re having to do it all.”

There are many forces that drive us into this self-sufficiency syndrome.

Awareness and learning to ask for help are the first steps to recovery. The real measure of progress is when we no longer have to ‘ask’ because running the ‘Family’ Business’ has become everyone’s job. This is Heard It From A Friend’s mission!

With best wishes,

Julie Paul
Founder and CEO

Do You Suffer From Self-Sufficiency Syndrome?

Do you suffer from the ‘self sufficiency’ syndrome?

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Heard It From A Friend: Be In The Know with Friend Letters

While your jaw may drop while reading this, you may also see glimmers of wisdom as long as ‘the rules’ can apply to everyone. Who doesn’t like coming home to a tidy and tranquil house after a hard day’s work?

Apple’s Taking a Big Bite—Do you know that Apple continues to profit at our expense? As one very astute CEO pointed out to me, when parents pay for subscription-based parental control apps, Apple takes a 30% cut. It’d be nice if they threw a few dollars at actually fixing the problem they helped to create.

After filling out 12 pages of camp forms and reading every 1,000th word, we routinely sign our rights away. This happens all the time in Internet land—I was indignant to discover what Uber’s been up to in its Terms of Use. This needs to stop now.

Do you also have trouble tracking your parents down between their bridge club, tee times and busy social calendar?

The Google Culture Wars- This had us cracking up.

The Friend Forum
Join Our Conversation- We’re always aiming for a ‘HIFAF!’


We’re engaging women in the technology conversation and collaborating around running The ‘Family’ Business.

Ask questions, share your thoughts, share an article here. Friends helping Friends can make all the difference!

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We can help you get off to a good start with your kids’ devices, and offer best practices to regain control if screen-time is an issue.

Our goal is to understand your family’s scenario and match you to the best resources. But we won’t stop there, we’ll make sure you get them up and running.

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