Dear Friends,
When I left the corporate world 12 years ago, I had a bit of a freak-out.  It wasn’t as much about becoming a parent for the first time or that suddenly, in my third trimester, I was out of a job when my company decided to relocate its headquarters to Dallas. And it wasn’t over being asked in an interview how much weight had I gained and was I intending to have a full-time live-in nanny?!

No, my state of panic was more about losing my access to the corporate IT department! Now who was I going to call when my computer started misbehaving – it certainly wasn’t going to be my husband! Definitely count yourself lucky if your partner plays Chief Technology Officer in your household.

I Had A Dream at Dreamforce

Flash forward more than a decade later after becoming an Apple-everything customer, I had a life-changing experience.  I just happened to go to Dreamforce, Salesforce’s awe-inspiring, mega-tech industry conference and was completely blown away.  Not only could I see how quickly technology was revolutionizing communication and industries, but also how far removed I’d been from it all.

How Are You Keeping Up With Technology?

For the first time, I stopped to consider how I’d been learning about and keeping up with technology. It wasn’t like I’d been heading to training at the Apple store or curling up with the latest issues of TechCrunch or CNet. I realized I’d been pretty isolated and definitely missed having the benefit of co-workers (thankfully, later I found the Hivery). I think this is true for many of us – nearly 30% of women with school-aged children are at home and at least another 7% are self-employed. I realized that what I had learned came mostly from my friends. And even for my employed friends, it wasn’t as if their corporate IT departments were showing them what tools to use at home and how to run the “Family Business” more efficiently. I became fascinated by the problem, and that’s how Heard It From A Friend began.

I think especially for women, socializing technology is the key to making it stick, and that we need to make it a more regular part of our conversation. We may not always have the benefit of co-workers, but we do have the company of friends!

TECH TIPS – A Tribute to My Friends!

CAO – Chief Administrative Officer Tips for Managing Communication

I first learned about Do Not Disturb from my friend, Hall.
Even a vibrating phone in Silence mode can be annoying.  With Do Not Disturb, you completely disable the sound.

So, if you or your daughter’s phone keeps dinging incessantly (20 texts in under a minute, really?), or if you’re headed into an important meeting, enable this feature.

Do Not Disturb is a game-changer because:
1) You avoid the barrage of all those noisy messages and the bombardment of relentless notifications.
2) You can choose which specific conversations to silence, so you don’t have to exit the group chat entirely.
3) Kids can be encouraged to turn on Do Not Disturb while they’re doing homework to minimize distractions.
4) You can schedule when your phone goes into Do Not Disturb Mode – e.g. during homework time, dinner time, bed time.
5) You can allow calls from people designated as Favorites or from selected Groups, so you can always receive calls from your kids, your kid’s school, your boss etc.

To join our mission to create more community and collaboration around technology for women who run the “Family Business,” click here

I hope you learned something new!  To join our mission to create more community and collaboration around technology for women who run the “Family Business,” click here.

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Update on the Apple Campaign For Better Parental Controls

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Apple Valentine’s Day Campaign!  It reached nearly 17,000 people, and here are poll results thus far:

  • 88% agreed with the sentiments of the letter
  • 75% would rather go to the Dentist office than the Apple Store
It will be an ongoing campaign, and we will reach out to Tim Cooke, Apple’s CEO and a fellow Duke Business School alum, at the most opportune time.  If you missed out on the voting, click here.

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