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The Best Parenting Advice:
Settle the Glitter!

Dear Friends,

Just this week, I heard the NY Times columnist on adolescence, Lisa Damour, speak at my daughters’ school. Never again will I look at a snow globe full of glitter quite the same. Through her borrowed metaphor, Lisa explains that when our children hit an emotional rough patch which they’re apt to do, the frenzy of glitter is what’s happening inside their still-forming brains. Her best advice to parents is to settle the glitter–not stepping in to fix the problem, but showing confidence that your child will come up with the solution and lending your support in thinking it through. Her 9 steps for managing a meltdown now commandeer a prominent refrigerator spot.

It’s easy to get caught up in the holiday swirl, but Lisa also reminds us that stress is not always bad and actually happens around many positive life events, such as the holidays. What she is adamant about is the oft-forgotten role of sleep, and how critical a role it plays in emotional regulation–and not just for kids :). She also touched on how digital technology is now a chronic culprit of sleep interference and the importance of protecting sleep. With 36% of teens checking phones in the middle of the night, it’s time to march those devices to a centralized charging station!

We hope your holidays are filled with good cheer and many dreams of sugar plum fairies. And in the new year, if you find yourselves confronting too many technology-related meltdowns, we’re ready with Our Parenting Technology Toolkit and iConcierge Services to help you settle the glitter.

With best holiday wishes,

Julie Paul
Founder and CEO

Tech Tip #36 – How to Keep Santa’s Secrets –
Hide those Amazon Purchases!
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If your doorbell ringing sounds like Carol of the Bells, chances are Amazon packages are piling up at your doorstep. If you have kids who like to spy on Santa’s elves, or routinely include checking Amazon packages as one of their hobbies, then you’ll be glad to know how to hide Amazon purchases:

  • From a desktop, go to My Orders (this does not work in mobile)
  • Find the purchase and just click Archive This Order

Your child will be none the wiser, and Christmas will still be full of surprises!

Friend of the Month: Caroline Kesmodel
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To one of our longest-standing Friends, we’re grateful for all of your enthusiasm and support. And now when it comes to Screen Time, you’ve dotted your ‘i’s and crossed your ‘t’s. Congrats on getting this crossed off your 2019 list!

Tech Tip #37: How to Manage All Those
Online Purchases with Slice
advice,advice, parenting, friends, digital,

During the holidays, there’s a flurry of online ordering, and it’s not all just coming from Amazon. For years, I’ve been using Slice to help me manage purchases and order logistics. Download the app here, and when you receive an order notification by email, just forward it to orders@goslice. The benefits:

  • You have all your orders aggregated in one place

  • The photos make it easy to find an order and access receipts

  • You’ll be notified when there’s a price drop and can request a refund

Happy Holidays!

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