Technology To The Rescue…?

Dear Friends,

While we all have those moments when we wonder about our parenting decisions, I had a major cause for pause earlier this week. I’d happily sent my 9 and 12 year olds off to their grandparents, and while I did have some trepidation that a connecting flight was involved, I’d reasoned it was going to be an adventure of a lifetime.

Oh, and it was. When a major computer meltdown shutdown the Charlotte airport, my daughters found themselves stranded and scared. Thankfully, there was FaceTime to reassure them, and they could “walk me over” to an adult in charge. And thankfully, once my parents were en route to pick them up, I could secure a hotel reservation in minutes having just learned about Google’s awesome new booking features.

Knowing how to make technology work for you really counts when you’re in a jam. And just this week, I finally finessed my packing system. I did a trial run and it worked GREAT with my kids. Because we’re always aiming to make our every day easier with technology, I’ve shared it with you here. Here’s to Friends Helping Friends!

With best wishes,

Julie Paul
Founder and CEO

C-Level Collection
CEO Travel


Our Travel Packing System:

We love giving our kids autonomy to do their own packing. By creating a shared note in Apple Notes (Tech Tip #20), you can:

  • Make a packing list you both can edit.
  • Check items off once they’re in the suitcase.
  • Monitor the progress and print a copy.

This is one list you’ll use time and again! Save yourself a few minutes–copy the list here and paste into a new note to get started!


C-Level Collection
Managing Screen Time


Our first word to getting wise about screen-time is: Alternatives. While kids often need some chill time after a busy day at school or camp, they tend to gravitate towards screens when they perceive there’s nothing else to do.

Here’s what we’ve done to change their perception:

CHR – Parenting




  Get them excited about their free time. What would they like to do more of?


•  Connect through Experiences – Where would they like to go? Can they help to plan a family outing or trip?


•  Be Social – Who would they like to have play dates with? Pro tip: Keep a running list on your phone.


•  Do a Toy Refresh – Clear out the playroom and toy baskets to make room. Is there an incentive to earn new additions?


•  Have Your Child Make an “I’m Bored” list of things to do when that feeling hits. Keep it on your phone, and you’ll both be prepared.


•  Plan Ahead – what will they do to keep themselves entertained at a restaurant, a doctor’s office, or on a road trip?


•  Bond over “Family Contributions,” otherwise known as chores 🙂 Consider a dog – really, it will get them outside more!

If your kids seem too into their devices, remember to consider: “What’s the alternative?”

Be In The Know


Google Search Helps You Get It Done
You can see hotel availability and prices as well as flight schedules and when the best time is to fly. Book all your travel needs without having to jump between apps.

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