Summer Moments

Dear Friends,

How the summer is flying by! We’re always amazed by what it takes to pull off a good summer–from the vacation planning to the camp schedule and logistics. It can leave us frazzed, even breathless, and really all of our efforts are medal-worthy.

While the pace of summer is both fast and slow, it’s those small moments that make it all worthwhile. When we see our kids marveling at their surroundings, reveling in nature, or cozying up together, these are the summer MOMents that we helped to create and that we will all treasure for a lifetime.

Happy rest of summer!

Julie Paul
Founder and CEO

From camp logistics to family vacations, we moms work so hard to make it all happen. Join us in celebrating the special MOMents of summer: #summerMOMents

Tech Tip #31:

Delight in those summer MOMents all year long with Nowvel!

We’re often asked about our favorite apps, and we’re big believers that there are some that every CEO Mom should have in her toolkit. As the memory makers and keepers for our family, seeing those treasured summer MOMents come together in a beautiful photo album is so gratifying.

We searched long and hard for photo album-making solution that was up to snuff–here’s why we love Nowvel. Click here.

Where Parenting Meets Technology

In summer, we can feel under pressure to create good alternatives for our kids in lieu of screen time. We were recently reminded by one of our favorite pop-economists, that there’s one tried and true method with actual data to back it up when it comes to discipline techniques. When used in combination with screen time as a reward, it’s amazingly effective, particularly if devices are set to power off when screen time allowances are reached.

Here we’re serving up a screen time plan that’s totally customizable and super-effective. Click here

Friend of the Month

Laurie, we are so grateful for your glowing review!

“Thank you so much for all of your help setting up screen time for my daughter. So peaceful in our home now that I don’t have to be the bad guy! It’s amazing how she doesn’t argue with me when the time limit kicks in. We actually are having more time for mother/ daughter stuff.”

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