Should We Cancel Summer?

Dear Friends,

Summer is upon us, and while we’d love to think of our kids frolicking in the backyard with the neighbors, this isn’t how summer goes down anymore–at least in San Francisco. While having a more relaxed schedule is great, most families find themselves in need of some sort of gameplan.

Just as we wonder how we’re going to pull this off again, there’s a new trend in education: the 4-day school week. It’s growing in popularity in rural communities and is now hitting the Denver metro area. Given that already so many families struggle to afford summer, how will this new trend reconcile with the need for childcare? It’s no wonder that U.S. birth rates just hit a historic low. Running the ‘Family’ Business is a big job, and at some point, we might just break.

No doubt we all do the summer scramble in some form, and as one friend puts it: “I’d rather shave my head than look at summer camps again!” If only we had better technology to help us navigate the twist and turns of summer. Imagine if we could magically schedule camps based on our kids ages, interests, and availability, with a common application form and add to calendar feature?  Maybe it wouldn’t take a decade to figure summer out!


With best wishes,

Julie Paul
Founder and CEO

Below we’ve highlighted some of our favorite ideas for tackling summer from Our Friends.

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