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What’s the Secret to a Happy Marriage?

Surprisingly, it’s behaving more like a single person! Friendships add so many dimensions to our lives, and the benefits spillover in unexpected ways…

Dear Friends,

Just when you think your relationship may be growing stale, and it might be time to hit marriage counseling, you might want to read this piece from The New York Times. Apparently, the secret to a happy, long-term relationship is acting more like a single person! I was surprised and fascinated to read that what underlies this astonishing revelation is: socializing with Friends.

A wide and yet close circle of friends can make running the “Family Business” easier because we cheer each other on, make the mundane a little more interesting, and help to solve each other’s pressing problems. There is no substitute for good Friends, and I’ve found they can also be a great source of tech tips!

With best wishes,

Julie Paul
Founder and CEO

For the CHR in You-What’s On The Line
I Fear Something Is Wrong With Our Kids

If there’s someone who’s qualified to give an opinion on what these devices are doing to our kids, it’s a PhD in Child Development and Early Childhood Education with 50 years of experience in the field. When I had her sitting in my living room last week, I just had to ask her about her observations. I fear something is wrong with our kids…

Boost Your Tech Savvy – Tech Tip #14
Call Me Always!

Have you googled a phone number, but then discovered it’s not a live link?

Frustrated, you keep tapping, but nothing happens.

Here’s how to always make the call, seamlessly!!

Our seconds become minutes, minutes become hours, hours become our life. Get boosted!
For the CEO in You- Just For You 

Words of Wisdom

Our Friend community is full of enterprising women, from entrepreneurs to committed volunteers, women who travel the world for work, and solid professionals. While the above words of wisdom were delivered at a venture capital conference for women, they clearly have a much broader application, particularly #3. In running the “Family Business,” this was one of the hardest lessons for me to learn!

The Friend Forum: Come Join Us For Our Conversation

In The Friend Forum, we’re joining women together to collaborate around running “The Family Business.” Come ask questions, share your thoughts, share an article. Ask away and join our conversation! Every day, you can tap into your Friends for inspiration and answers to find the best resources.

Today’s Question: What’s your relationship style–Are you an “Old Married” or ” Hip Modern” couple?

Take our quiz–the results might surprise you…

Hear our Voice
The San Francisco Chronicle Published Our Op-ed!
We were thrilled the San Francisco Chronicle took note of our efforts to advocate for the technology we need. Clearly, it’s time for Silicon Valley to practice its active listening skills.

We’re busy building a platform to connect women around running the “Family Business” and to make our everyday better with technology. Our membership-based community will be launching soon, but we’re starting now with our weekly Friend Letters to give you a peak at the useful resources we’re collecting and assembling.

We hope you come to think of our Friend Letters fondly, like getting together with friends for Friday lunch. Because this is a community built by friends for friends, we value your opinion and would love any feedback to help us to continue to zero in on what matters to you most.

We have also made it super-easy for you to invite your circle to Be In The Know and to Boost Your Tech Savvy. In one click and a few keystrokes, you’ll be on your way to helping women get more leverage and to BFF status–we always like to give our friends credit :).

It’s time to make technology a part of our every day conversation, and we invite you and your friends to join in the collaboration around running the “Family Business“. We know we always get the best information from our friends…

Invite Friends!


To sign up for Friend Letters, click here.

©2023 Heard It From A Friend

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