Screen Time and Kids–the 4 Questions that Matter Most

June 2019

Dear Friends,

The summer began with a momentous start as we brought together some of our favorite Friends to talk about the challenges of screen time and our kids. Their experiences cut to the core of what it means to ‘Parent Technology’ today —the uncertainty, the frustration, and even the guilt so many of us feel when we’ve let screen time go on longer than we probably should. 

It happens to us all, and as we told NPR recently, no one can really claim to be an expert in this area. Truthfully, we are all in learning mode, and that is why we rely on Our Friends. Over the years, you’ve helped us to zero in on the four questions that seem to matter most when it comes to screen time and kids:

  1. Are your children meeting their basic responsibilities as you’ve defined them?
  2. Is screen time creating conflict beyond an acceptable level in your household?
  3. How is your children’s screen use affecting others outside of the family?
  4. How is your child spending his or her free time?

As you think about these, please know that we’re here to help if screen time struggles are creating fireworks in your household. 

With best wishes,

Julie Paul
Founder and CEO

Last month, we quietly launched our new membership-based site and hope that our Founding Friends will feel like we’re rolling out the red carpet with our iConcierge and Texting Services. While we may not be able to make all of your technology problems go away, we hope to help you make a big dent. We invite you to check it out!
As always, your feedback is so appreciated and welcomed!

Tech Tip #30 – How to Text with Special Effects

  Holidays are a time for sending well wishes to friends and loved ones. This 4th of July send them with fireworks. You may even impress your kids with your tech savviness,
and who knows, you may actually teach them something new!
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Friends of the Month
A major thank you to Our Friends who shared their ‘Parenting Technology’ experiences with such candor. Your heartfelt divulgences and wisdom were so appreciated. We look forward to future gatherings, and so does Wellie!
Maybe an iPad for dogs will be the next big thing?!

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