Parenting Through Social Unrest
And A Pandemic Is Hard

Dear Friends,

There’s no way to sugarcoat this: parenting through social unrest and a pandemic is hard. Not only does it make for many heavy conversations with our children, but the stark reality is that the impact has been especially severe for women, and particularly mothers of color. Without on-campus school, childcare and now summer camp, women are being edged out of the workforce, with 47% of moms more likely than dads to have quit or been fired since February. Some women are even wondering publicly if they have much of a profession left, and the monumental juggling is testing us all in unprecedented ways.

These very trying times are exposing the cracks in our fragile social systems, and one has to wonder how the major social movements of the past have left us at what feels so close to ground zero? In January, I was reminded of the ill-fated Equal Rights Amendment when I read with surprise that the 38th state needed to ratify had finally approved it–nearly forty years past the deadline.

It wasn’t until watching  Mrs. America that I understood how a relatively unknown political figure, Phyllis Schlafly, torpedoed the amendment, along with its plan for universal child care for working families. While the battle royale is yet to come as our courts determine whether Congress has the authority to set a deadline on a Constitutional Amendment, the series offers a master class in grassroots organizing and advocacy at an especially poignant moment.

Today social media is a tinderbox that has the power to hold those accountable for their bad behavior, sway public opinion, and galvanize support. May it be used wisely to blaze the path forward for lasting social change.

With best wishes,

Julie Paul
Founder and CEO

Friend of the Month: Laura Steiner

moderation, advice, friends,parentsA shout out to Our Friend, Laura Steiner, who is gearing up for summer by checking her parental control gears. We love it when Our Friends send us a flurry of text messages with questions and are always happy to help.

It’s definitely a good idea to periodically monitor Screen Time settings as kids can be inventive when it comes to workarounds. If you need help with your highly-motivated children and want to make sure you’ve securely put the technology in place to back up your parenting, please contact our iConcierge Services.

Yes, Parenting Technology is definitely a part of our job now and can be exasperating at times, but it’s never too late to begin anew!

Our Q & A-Line: 

Through our Q & A Line, we answer some of the most commonly asked questions about Parenting Technology from Our Friends. Hopefully, it will help you navigate any screen time challenges with the summer ahead, and contact us if you don’t see what you’re looking for.

Our Q & A Line

Tech Tip #42: Keep Track of What to Read and What to Watch

like wise, We always like being in the know it comes to what to watch, what to read, and where to dine (when it’s the time!). Likewise sends out periodic email updates of the newest best sellers and what’s trending across all the streaming platforms.

Keeping lists in Apple Notes is too unwieldy, but with Bill Gates as a backer, Likewise is well-architected, making it easy to:

  • Create and save multiple lists of your favorites
  • Share lists with friends

  • View a trailer, see critics’ ratings, and where you can watch

  • Book restaurant reservations, view menus and read reviews

Click here to see Likewise in action…you will feel so much more organized!

I’ve taken a crack, seeding it with some family favorites. I usually follow the 5-ingredient max rule, as I am all about simplicity, and pleasing some wide-ranging and health-conscious palates. I’d be delighted to have Friends add to it–I imagine we could all use a boost in the kitchen. Download the Google Drive and Docs apps on your phone and access recipes while at the grocery store, or in your kitchen!

To sign up for Friend Letters, click here

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