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Our Voice Matters

Dear Friends,

As we’re headed into the election season, I was recently solicited to rank order the issues I care about. Nowhere in the consideration set was there anything about holding Big Tech Companies accountable. Surprising, since the nearly daily headlines unveil new concerns over privacy,  election interference, monopolistic practices, and other alleged misdeeds.

In the amassing of untold market power over the last 10 years with so little regard for the impact on families, we’ve often wondered with Our Friends, do these companies employ any parents? We continue to wonder where is the voice of parents(and to those currently playing this role, we’ve quite frankly been more than a little disappointed).

Advocacy has always been part of Heard It From A Friend’s mission, and we will always speak up for Our Friends, free of entanglements that might otherwise stifle us. We’d like to think that Our Voice is being heard when Apple reverses course, and our local Congressman requests to meet with us.

Parenting was already hard enough, and these digital devices haven’t made it any easier. Knowing how to make them safer for kids is our focus. When you sign-up for Friendship, we’re committed to keeping you and our resources up-to-date, while minimizing the Overwhelm.  And when you come to iConcierge Services, we get your family all set up and provide ongoing support.

We’re your partner in Parenting Technology, and for that, you can hold us accountable.

With best wishes,

Julie Paul
Founder and CEO

Through our Op-Eds we aim to make OUR collective voice heard.

our voice, parenting , issue, digital ,election, devices

Our TimeWise Calculator

After playing with Our TimeWise Calculator, your kids might be better at suggesting their own limits :). Free Time Doesn’t Always Have to = Screen Time…

our voice, parenting ,election, issue, digital ,time wise,technology, tool

Friend of the Month: Abbey Doolittle

our voice, parenting ,election, issue, digital, abbey , friend of the monthAbbey is no longer doing little over parental controls–she’s taken action! Abbey, we commend you for your conscientiousness–for wanting to get in front of technology before it becomes an issue in your family. Well done!

Tech Tip #34: Trick-or-Treat with Find My 

our voice, parenting , issue, digital, device, election, #34, tech tip Halloween is fast approaching. If your street is anything like mine, mobbed with a motley crew of trick-or-treaters, you may find it reassuring to know your child’s precise location amidst the chaos.

In its latest iOS 13 release, Apple consolidated Find My Friends and Find My iPhone. They are now bundled together in a new app known as Find My which automatically replaces the others when you update.

Key Features include:

  • Sharing your location easily with anyone in the People section
  • Receiving Location Updates so you know the comings and goings
  • Tracking all of your family’s devices in the Device section (Family Sharing needs to be active)

Of course, we’re all keeping an eye on our children. But as the frantic pursuit of sugar can quickly devolve into an all-out, free-for-all, slipping a phone into your child’s trick-or-treat bag may be a good idea. Handy for spouses too :).

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