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Dear Friends,

I was at it again–I spent nearly the entire day last Sunday planning for summer. Every year as it approaches there is both excitement and dread. The excitement part is clear–longer days, more relaxed schedules, vacation, more family time. But the dread part is in the logistics (which is ironic considering that one summer I interned as a hotel concierge at the Broadmoor).

If you get overwhelmed by trip planning and are trying to make the most of precious family time, call for back-up. I was overjoyed when I read this article about the resurgence of travel agents. They really have evolved and can be a great resource. In just one click and 10-minutes of my time, they were skillfully tackling three trips.

On the ground, hotel concierges love to be at your service–it’s their job and they are the local experts. I often give them a rough draft of our itinerary and lean on them heavily to fill in any holes. Happy travels!

With best wishes,

Julie Paul
Founder and CEO

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Tech Tip #18: How to save a Google Map Offline


If you’re traveling and don’t want to burn data or don’t have a good internet connection, Google Offline Maps can always point you in the right direction…

We promised to report back…Here are Our Friends favorite family travel destinations from coast-to-coast….

Heard It From A Friend: Travel Destinations
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We can help you get off to a good start with your kids’ devices, and offer best practices to regain control if screen-time is an issue.

Our goal is to understand your family’s scenario and match you to the best resources. But we won’t stop there, we’ll make sure you get them up and running.

By Phone or In-Person:

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 Being smart about running the ‘Family’ Business is all about getting help where you need it, and offloading tasks you no longer enjoy doing, especially when there are very affordable options! Here’s how to tackle travel

 You’ll be celebrating with this resource list!  If you’ve been looking for that Disney Travel Expert who can book your fast passes or schedule a guide to avoid lines altogether, click here. Check out other tried and true Heard It From A Friend travel planners….

 Condé Nast Traveler’s Complete Guide to Global Etiquette Should you be smooching on both checks or taking off your shoes? Sweat it out no more…

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